Strada CN-GP50N GPS navigation from Panasonic

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Strada CN-GP50N GPS navigation from Panasonic: "

Strada CN-GP50N

Panasonic introduced a new GPS navigation system at IFA 2007 for the European market called Strada CN-GP50N. The device has a huge screen and a good price at 400€.

As opposed to its strong competition in the field, such as TomTom and Garmin, Panasonic decided to focus its experience on the video and audio features of CN-GP50N which made this device more of an entertainment center rather than just plain old GPS navigation.

The display on CN-GP50N measures 5″ - leaving their competition 0.7″ behind - hoping to attract consumers who are looking into watching videos in their vehicle.

Panasonic incorporates maps of 37 European countries, including 1.3 million points of interest and even 3D city maps of certain locations and landmarks. For upgrades to the maps Strada CN-GP50N supports SD cards, but it can also be connected to using the USB port on the device.

Some other high-end features of the device also include Smart Assist which comes into to play GPS signals are weak, the bluetooth connectivity for hands free calling, and the ability to enter destination address by voice commands.

Just like most other high end GPS navigators Strada CN-GP50N also has the ability to download radar and speed camera warnings off of Panasonic’s website and warn the drive when approaching these locations…

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NAVIGON 2100: "

image NAVIGON'unveiled today'the elegantly designed NAVIGON 2100'at IFA 2007, the world’s largest consumer electronics show. Packed with ‘wow’ features, the NAVIGON 2100, a slim, easy-to-use and affordable personal navigation device for the North American market, surpasses the basics to deliver an intelligent, premium navigation experience in an innovatively designed package.

The NAVIGON 2100 offers stunning 2D and 3D map views, a brilliant, anti-glare 3.5″ touchscreen, simple-to-maneuver menus and spoken turn-by-turn directions and street names via advanced text to speech — one of the only devices in its price tier to do so. Predictive text and city-first or street-first data entry, as well as millions of pre-loaded points of interest, help make destination entry easy.

Key features include:

  • Reality View: exclusive and available only on all NAVIGON devices,'Reality View provides 3D, photo-realistic virtual reality views of'complex interchanges, complete with road geometry and actual road'sign text

  • Text-to-Speech: Provides clearly spoken driving directions and street'names

  • Automatic Speed Warnings: Shows posted speed limit and notifies driver'with visual and verbal warnings when driver is speeding

The NAVIGON 2100 ships pre-loaded with two software features that can be unlocked with an accessory pack available at retail. These accessories include:

  • Subscription-Free Lifetime Traffic: Advises on traffic flow,'incidents and alternate routes for the lifetime of the product

  • ZAGAT Survey'Ratings and Reviews: Five destination guides,'including top U.S. hotels, resorts and spas, restaurants, golf'courses, as well as attractions and nightlife in 70+ U.S. cities help'users make informed destination choices

The NAVIGON 2100 will be available for purchase online and at major North American retail outlets this fall for an MSRP of $249. Special NAVIGON 2100 accessory packs enable Lifetime Traffic and ZAGAT Survey(R) Ratings and Reviews at respective MSRPs of $99.99 and $39.99.

For more information visit NAVIGON

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Mio P360 almost here

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Mio P360 almost here: "

mio p360

Mio’s new GPS enabled PDA, Mio P360, is making an appearance at IFA in Berlin this year. We had announced Mio P360 back in July with some graphics but now we have a real picture in hand.

Again not a lot of details are revealed but we already know that P360 will run Windows Mobile 6, have Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 2.0, and an embedded GPS antenna. On the right hand side of the device you can actually see the SD/MMC slot for memory expansion. The mini-USB connector for syncing your data and charging, and a microphone is on the top of P360.

Once we know pricing or availability we’ll let you know… via

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Garmin Nuvi 200W/250W Arrives for Review

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Garmin Nuvi 200W/250W Arrives for Review: "


The Garmin Nuvi 200W/250W has arrived for review at, and we???re pretty happy to check out the latest unit from Garmin to hit the stores. The Nuvi 200W/250W were announced back in June just as the Summer driving season was beginning. I would expect that the Nuvi 200W/250W will start gathering steam right before the Holidays when the next wave of GPS buying takes place.

The Nuvi 200W/250W extends the line of Nuvi 200 series units that are designed to be easy to use and easier on the wallet. The Nuvi 200 and Nuvi 250 standard screen models are starting to really settle in and take up their place among the entry-level units a few months after introduction, and are really starting to create a buzz. A year ago, who would have thought that you could have gotten a flat model Garmin for under $300 with maps pre-loaded and ready to go? You can with the Garmin Nuvi 200 standard screen right now for less than $300.

The Nuvi 200W and Nuvi 250W are well poised to offer widescreen usability at the entry-level end of the market, while bringing the confidence of the Garmin interface to the marketplace. The Nuvi 200W and Nuvi 250W are based on their standard screen siblings as far as design cues and interface go. The same thin design elements with slate gray mark the new widescreen models, with the same slider switch.

Over the coming weeks, we???ll check the Nuvi 200W/250W out to see what it is made of and let you know our thoughts.

What???s the Difference between the Nuvi 200W vs. the Nuvi 250W?
Maps; that???s it. The Nuvi 200W has all the features of the Nuvi 250W.
  • Nuvi 200W - Maps of continental U.S., Hawaii, and Puerto Rico
  • Nuvi 250W - Maps of U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico

    What???s in the Nuvi 200W/250W box?

  • Nuvi 200W or 250W GPS Navigation Unit
  • Suction cup Mount with cam lever action
  • Car Power Plug ??? 12V
  • Adhesive Dash disk
  • Set-up and Go guide


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  • garmin nuvi 770

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    garmin nuvi 770


    The newest top of the line nuvi from Garmin is now nuvi 770 - for only $1000!!! Nuvi 770 will have bluetooth hands free calling, live traffic information with 3 months of free subscription, maps of the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Europe, text-to-speech function to pronounce street names, and just like the other 700 models will have a wide 4.3″ screen.

    Find the full list of specs after the jump.

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    garmin nuvi 760

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    garmin nuvi 760

    garmin nuvi 760

    The second addition to the new nuvi 700 series is garmin nuvi 760. This one also has a wide 4.3″ screen and the new feature to help you find your car:

    …And to help drivers find their car in an unfamiliar spot or crowded parking lot, nuvis 760 automatically marks the position in which it was last removed from the windshield mount

    If you have a compatible bluetooth phone nuvi 760 will happily pair with it and help you locate - say a restaurant - , find it’s phone number, and even call to make reservations. Of course you’ll still have to do the talking when the call gets through.

    Nuvi 760 also has a built-in FM transmitter to wirelessly transmit turn-by-turn directions and street names, MP3s and audio books through your car’s streo and also has Garmin’s FM traffic receiver to help you stay out of traffic jams. However all you’ll get free is only 3 months to this service, and you’ll have pay for subscription from there on. nuvi 760 also offers customizable maps to let you add speed camera zones and such.

    Nuvi 760 will come preinstalled with maps of U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico and will cost you a whopping $800!

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    garmin nuvi 750

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    garmin nuvi 750


    As we expected Garmin just announced 3 new wide screen models from the 700 series. First one of these is the nuvi 750. The new nuvi’s have a few interesting features: One of these is supposedly to help you locate your car by automatically marking the position in which they were last removed from the windshield mount. I guess it could work.

    nuvi 750 is the simplest model from the 700 series but even this one features an FM transmitter to broadcast the voice guidance through your car speakers. Other features of 750 include a 4.3″ display at 480x272 resolution, six million points of interests (POIs), built-in picture viewer, calculator, currency converter, unit converter and world clock. Nuvi 750 will not have bluetooth connectivity.

    nuvi 750 comes preloaded with highly detailed City Navigator NT road maps for the entire United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and you can add your own POI’s such as speed cameras and school zones as you see them.

    nuvi 750 will be available in September 2007 for $600.

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    Mio announces 4 GPS units: the P360, P560, C620, and C230

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    Mio announces 4 GPS units: the P360, P560, C620, and C230

    It sure took 'em awhile but the Mio P360 and P560 GPS / WinMo 6 PDAs jobbies have been announced for IFA. They've even got few friends: the 4.3-inch C620 (and C620t with TMC traffic receiver) pictured above and C230 chubster. Judging by the machine translated text, we expect all five to sport the same 400MHz processor and SiRFstar III GPS receiver. We'll update you with more as it rolls in. For now, peep the pics after the break.

    Continue reading Mio announces 4 GPS units: the P360, P560, C620, and C230

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    TomTom GO 920 and GO 920T

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    TomTom GO 920 and GO 920T: "


    TomTom has announced their TomTom GO 920 and the TomTom GO 920T, the new top of the line device that offers a nice collection of features and with the GO 920T, the unit offers TMC traffic included with the unit. TomTom has clearly jumped into the TMC traffic pool, and in my conversation with Jocelyn Vigreux, President of TomTom USA this week about the TomTom 920T and the new TomTom ONE 3rd edition, he said that the TMC traffic will offer access to the same high quality traffic feeds for users who don't have access to a compatible phone that was required for access to previous traffic data through the TomTom PLUS services.

    The TomTom GO 920 and 920T will also include what’s called Enhanced Positioning Technology that will help to maintain your position when you have lost signal, in such situations as going under tunnels. Not sure if this is accelerometer technology, or not, but this capability is certainly something that is available and needed for people who do a lot of city driving.

    The GO 920 and 920T also offer a 5 hour LiIon battery, a remote control, MapShare capability to keep your maps updated, Bluetooth and Maps of USA and Europe.

    The units are expected in the fourth quarter; which is code for 'Will be on the shelves for the holidays.'

    More news from the press release after the jump...
    TomTom, the world’s largest portable navigation solutions provider, today reveals its new flagship model, the TomTom GO 920 T. It comes preinstalled with complete maps of Europe* and USA & Canada on the 4 GB internal memory. The GO 920 T includes the new Enhanced Positioning Technology which results in a more continuous navigation experience. An RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver to receive up-to-date traffic information is included in the box. The TomTom GO 920 T features a slim high quality design with soft-touch finish, and a new metallic color scheme.

    ‘The new flagship TomTom GO 920 T offers the best in satellite navigation,’ says Harold Goddijn, chief executive officer at TomTom. ‘Pre-installed maps of multiple continents combined with innovative technologies such as the new Enhanced Positioning Technology, TomTom Map Share and plug & play traffic information offer outstanding quality and performance. The TomTom GO 920 T is the most advanced navigation solution on the market today.’

    Most complete set of maps

    The new TomTom GO 920 T offers a seamless map of 41 countries in both Western and Central Europe and the most-up-to-date maps of USA and Canada preinstalled on the 4 GB internal memory of the device. This makes the TomTom GO 920 T the personal navigation device with the most complete set of pre-installed maps available in TomTom’s entire navigation solution portfolio.

    Best navigation with Enhanced Positioning Technology
    TomTom’s new Enhanced Positioning Technology uses movement and gravity sensors to calculate drivers’ positions when GPS signals are unavailable.

    TomTom GO 920 T users will have a much more continuous navigation experience as the Enhanced Positioning Technology ensures the device continues to navigate to its destination, even in circumstances where there may not be a direct line-of-sight connection to a satellite. For example, when driving in a city with tall buildings, underpasses or bridges.

    In addition, the TomTom GO 920 T comes with the latest version of TomTom’s award winning software and all the features of the current TomTom GO 720 and TomTom GO 520. This includes TomTom Map Share™ Technology to make easy changes to the map and to share map corrections with other TomTom customers so that users always have the most up-to-date maps available.


    An RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver to receive up-to-date traffic information is also included in the box.

    Remote control

    The TomTom GO 920 T comes with an improved Bluetooth™ remote control that is the same color as the device. This way drivers can operate their device safely from anywhere in the car without having to reach to touch the screen.

    Extensive set of features

    TomTom GO 920 T replaces the current TomTom GO 910 and offers the best in navigation and performance. On top of all new and exclusive features that the TomTom GO 920 T includes, the model comes preinstalled with the latest navigation software and features, such as:

  • Large 4.3 inch touch screen with high quality graphics, an intuitive user interface and building footprints for a better overview of drivers’ surroundings;
  • TomTom Map Share™ Technology: allowing users to instantly correct maps, share changes with other users, and benefit from improvements made by other users;
  • TomTom RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver to give users the most-up-to-date traffic information (RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver comes in the box)
  • Speech recognition: voice address input to easily direct drivers to millions of cities and street names;
  • Enhanced hands-free kit with high quality sound system to allow drivers to keep their eyes firmly on the road whilst making phone calls in the car;
  • Extensive safety features including ‘Help Me’ menu to give drivers direct access to emergency services and roadside assistance;
  • Most-up-to-date traffic information through TomTom’s Traffic subscription or through the TomTom RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver
  • Built-in FM Transmitter to play music and navigation instructions over the car stereo;
  • Clear voice instructions and text-to-speech, to enable street names, places, traffic alerts and SMS messages to be read aloud as part of the spoken instructions;
  • New smart & fun extras to personalize users’ devices, including recording your own driving instructions, view documents, exchange positions via SMS and Bluetooth™ wireless technology and select a favourite car icon on the screen;
  • TomTom desk dock to easily charge the TomTom GO 920 T and connect to a computer and TomTom HOME, TomTom’s free software application;
  • Free TomTom HOME software to access ready to use online services such as Safety Cameras, Traffic and Weather;
  • Full range of accessories to match the design and finish of the new GO range, including a leather carry case, a soft touch carry case, iPod cable and a home charger.
    The new TomTom GO 920 T will be available in the last quarter of 2007.

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  • Edge 705/605: Power up, prepare to share

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    Edge 705/605: Power up, prepare to share: "

    Edge705_2 Cyclists, you spoke up and we listened. You wanted color, you got color. Mapping and more navigation? Check. What about being able to monitor power output on the same device? Impossible? Hardly. And try this on for something completely new: Wireless, unit-to-unit data transfer. No, we're not pulling your chain. We proudly present the Edge 705 and the Edge 605.

    The Edge 705 represents several breakthroughs in cycling technology, including power compatibility and wireless unit-to-unit connectivity. Through collaborative efforts with SRM, Quarq and other experts in mobile power diagnostics for bicycles, Garmin for the first time gives cyclists the opportunity to monitor GPS position, power, heart rate, speed, cadence, altitude and gradient on the same display. And Edge 705 users will be able to share their information – including saved rides, waypoints and workouts – with each other through ANT+Sport wireless technology. (Click on the jump to read more)

    Edge605_2 The Edge 705 and Edge 605 provide mapping capabilities, street navigation and a 2.2’ color display in addition to tracking vertical profiles, climb and descent, altitude, speed, distance, and time. And that's just the beginning.

    Also today, we told the world that Garmin Connect, our new online training community, will be ready for action by the end of the year. The first version of Garmin Connect is scheduled to launch in October to support the Forerunner 50. The second release of Garmin Connect is set for December, adding GPS support for use with other Garmin products and inheriting the MotionBased customer and activity database, which currently stores more than 1.5 million public activities and is growing at a rate of 3,500 per day.

    Find more details in our online pressroom, and look for Garmin Connect, the Edge 705 and the Edge 605 in December. Until then, keep coming up with new challenges for us. We're on a roll.

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    Magellan (Finally) Updates the Maestro 4040, Releases Firmware 2.24

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    Magellan (Finally) Updates the Maestro 4040, Releases Firmware 2.24: "

    After almost 4 months of waiting, Magellan has finally updated the Maestro 4040's software to version 2.24, making the 4040 consistent with the rest of the Maestro product line.

    Looks like 2.24 is a major update that resolves many of the complaints I had when I first reviewed the Maestro 4040 back in April '07, and makes the 4040's map screen and user interface look like the Maestro 4050 and 3140.

    Magellan has released each of the various Maestros (3100, 3140, 4040, 4050) with different software versions and different map screens, fonts, and features. Thankfully, Magellan has updated the 4040 to version 2 of Maestro's software, and it now displays the estimated arrival time and uses a larger font that's easier to read.

    Users had reported buying Maestro 4040's with the 2.24 firmware already installed, but until this week the update hasn't been available for download for existing Maestro users.

    Unfortunately, there's still no update for the Maestro 3100.

    The Maestro 4040 firmware update is available via Magellan's support site.

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    garmin nuvi 700?

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    garmin nuvi 700?: "

    garmin nuvi 700

    Some of our European sources claim Garmin maybe preparing a new nuvi 700 to be announced at the electronics show IFA 2007 in Berlin which will open its doors this Friday.

    nüvi 700 would have a design close to that of nüvi 200w and nuvi 250w with their wide screen but its functionalities would be closer to nüvi 660FM, namely live traffic information and FM transmitter.

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    New Max Mojigo GPS Navigation Systems

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    New Max Mojigo GPS Navigation Systems: "
    Max%20Mojigo-gps-system%201.jpgIn the past week, Max GMBH (German electronics company) announced their new GPS navigation system called Max Mojigo, which will be displayed at IFA. The Max Mojigo is available in 3 different models: Starter, Europe Travel, and Europe Travel TMC.

    Some specifications are the same for the three devices, such as the TFT touchscreen that measures 3.5-inches and gives a 320x240 resolution, a SD memory card slot, a SiRF Star III GPS chip, and a 400Mhz processor. The other features that all the GPS systems have is being able to display maps in 2D or 3D, and a multimedia player that supports audio and video files.

    In separate, the Max Mojigo Starter comes with a 512MB SD card that contains pre-installed maps of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Mojigo Europe Travel has a memory card of 2GB and maps of all Europe. Finally, the Europe Travel TMC is capable of giving information about the traffic thanks to the RDS/TMC receiver.
    The Max Mojigo GPS systems are already available in Germany, the prices go from €230 for the low-end version, u to €350 for the best (Europe Travel TMC) system.

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    HTC TyTN II Becomes Official in Europe

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    HTC TyTN II Becomes Official in Europe: "

    htctytn2.jpgThe phone we've previously known as the HTC Kaiser or the 8925 has just been named the HTC TyTN II for the European market. The Windows Mobile 6 phone will be available under T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone and Telefonica (includes O2), and will have the standard 3.5G connectivity, Windows Mobile 6, HTC's Home screen, GPS, TomTom Navigator 6, 3-megapixel camera, 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0, microSD card, and the flip-up screen. No price was specified, but if the first TyTN was any indication, this will be expensive. [HTC Europe]

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    the new Pioneer AVIC N4

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    the new Pioneer AVIC N4: "


    Pioneer recently made their brand new AVIC N4 available for a suggested retail price of $1600. AVIC N4 is not just a GPS navigation system but more of an in-dash DVD multimedia navigation receiver that (with add-ons) can control your iPod (video iPods too) and connect to your bluetooth compatible phone.

    It comes with two DVDs full of TeleAtlas maps that will bring door-to-door navigation of U.S. and Canada and 12 million POIs along the way to your fingertips. The DVDs also include detailed city maps of 23 cities and highway lane information for 50 cities. You maybe concerned about not being able to enjoy your DVDs or CDs while navigating - but worry no more: Engineers at Pioneer are one step ahead of you and they put a memory navigation mode on AVIC N4 meaning you can take the map DVD out once your route is calculated.

    Even though AVIC N4 comes in a 1DIN chassis, thanks to the motorized nature of the device you get a full 7″ screen at 16:9 ratio which has anti glare coating and 50 to 110 degrees angle setting.

    AVIC N4 is also XM/Sirius ready, has an FM/AM tuner, and can pretty much play any kind of media that you can fit on an optical disc.

    AVIC N4 is the successor to AVIC N3, and even though the MSRP is at $1600 you can already find it for about $1200 on eBay.

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    Trackstick II, You is Watching You

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    Trackstick II, You is Watching You

    ts2_r1_c1.jpgThe Trackstick II is a small GPS device that logs your position at intervals of 5 seconds to 15 minutes, recording until it's 1MB memory fills up. You can then plug it in to a USB port to see your route on Google Earth. This sounds like fun, until you realize that all you can see is a big, thick, red line between your home and office.

    It runs on two AAA batteries, which should power the device for up to a week.

    (Via Gizmodo: GPS.)

    New TomTom One 3rd Edition Gets Map Share, Software Update

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    New TomTom One 3rd Edition Gets Map Share, Software Update: "

    tomtom_one_australia.jpgThe new TomTom One 3rd Edition has been announced in Europe. It comes with Map Share, like the latest Go series. Map Share allows you to make five different kinds of map corrections on the fly, as you find changes from the original cartography like blocked streets or new points of interest. It also has a new guidance system that will get you quicker alternative routes 'in case you want to change course or you encounter a road control.' Sounds like the perfect GPS to become a bank robber. [TomTom Spain]

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    Nokia LD-4W now official - GPS

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    Nokia LD-4W now official: "


    Nokia LD-4W, which we announced a month ago, today got the official release from Nokia. This bluetooth GPS receiver goes well with N series with its slim body but can connect to any compatible mobile device. LD-4W only weighs 31 grams and can last up to 10 hours on a single charge. The black and metallic body has an LED indicator to alert you to GPS activation, power and battery status, and Bluetooth connectivity status.

    LD-4W is available all around the world for about 125€.

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    Nokia 500 In-Car Navigation System

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    Nokia 500 In-Car Navigation System: "

    nokia_pnd500_incar_zoom_440.jpgNokia has just unveiled their new in-car GPS navigation system, the 500. The large 4.3-inch display makes it more readable than the previous 330 system, and offers a few more features too. As you would expect, it integrates well with cell-phones - you get Bluetooth handsfree and access to your phone contacts, and can automatically navigate to a contact's address just by pressing their name.

    You also get an FM transmitter which can feed multimedia or traffic alerts to your car radio. It should be available towards the end of the year in Europe, priced at about €300. [Nokia]

    (Via Gizmodo: GPS.)

    FineDrive M760 now with A-GPS?

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    FineDrive M760 now with A-GPS?: "


    We’ve heard of the FineDrive M760 before - a very sleek GPS sat nav system with T-DMB receiver, media player, and more. Now we get the news from aving that FineDrive M760 will also have A-GPS to improve the time to get an initial satellite fix. A-GPS so far has only been integrated on mobile phones to improve their battery life and enable them to get a satellite fix indoors. M760 seems to be the first to put A-GPS support on a standalone GPS navigation system. Nice!

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    Garmin RINO 530HCx Review

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    Garmin RINO 530HCx Review: "

    The Garmin RINO series is a long standing part of the Garmin line up that takes their core GPS capability and extends it by paying attention to the needs of the consumer out in the field. GPS answers the ‘Where are you’ question and help you get to where you are going, but when you are outdoors you may also want to know where your friends are too.

    The unit combines a fully functioning GPS with an FRS/GMRS radio allowing you to not only talk to your hiking or biking partners but with the special polling features, it will show you the GPS location them too. In concept it’s a great premise for the RINO series, and I will say that in practice, it’s like Instant Messaging for the outdoors enthusiast. I wish I had the current capabilities when I first started using the first FRS radios years ago. For this review I was able to take the new RINO 530HCx and the older RINO 520 for a trip to the White Mountains and for several general ‘playing around’ hikes and walks. They performed well, and gave added confidence and convenience to our travels.

    The Garmin RINO 530 HCx is available at Amazon.

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    Navigate To Our Pants: HTMS Provia A1, So Hot It Makes Us Horny

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    Navigate To Our Pants: HTMS Provia A1, So Hot It Makes Us Horny: "

    Prov.jpgThose bad-asses at Technabob unearthed a little, navigating gem. This sexy bitch is Korea's HTMS, Provia A1 GPS navigator. Once again proving Korea rocks technology like the Sony Bravia advertisement slogan. Hit the jump for the details.

    The navigation system is detailed by impressively intricate 3D maps. By the look of it they are so detailed, we do not think you even have to bother looking at the road whilst you drive. As you are not looking at the road, why not entertain yourself? The Provia A1 supports full screen video playback in many formats. I know what you are thinking—how are you going to see your route whilst watching 'What Women Want'? Picture-in-picture mode has got you covered. If you prefer digital TV instead, there is a DMB receiver packed in behind the glorious, 7' (400x800) touchscreen display. Pricing and launch details are not available as yet.

    The heart of the Provia A1 is an Intel PXA270 processor clocking out at 520MHz. On board memory of 256MB can be upped to a relatively tiny 2GB via SD. Once again, those Korean's are not likely to share the love. I for one am not jealous, as I can change the colour scheme on my Tom-Tom 500—put that in your feature pipe and smoke it HTMS!

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    TomTom GO 720 Now Shipping

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    TomTom GO 720 Now Shipping: "


    The new TomTom GO 720 is shipping if you happened to have missed it. It's got a lot of features that make it a pretty attractive package including the ability to offer you the ability to edit the maps with their MapShare program. By using your desktop computer and TomTom HOME, you can edit road features and then upload the information that the rest of us can use.

    The new TomTom GO 720 is a flat form factor that has a widescreen, and some great 3-D graphics that show building footprints to improve the overall navigation experience. Loads of fun extras that allow you to record and use your own voice sets so you can have friends, your belligerent spouse, or your kids offer you turn-by-turn directions. There is also a ‘Help Me’ menu with shortcuts to get you to the police station or service station quickly.

    The TomTom GO 720 is available at Amazon

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    viliv X2 AIO PMP has FM Transmitter and GPS

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    viliv X2 AIO PMP has FM Transmitter and GPS: "
    viliv-x2-aio-pmp.jpgIt seems like new PMPs have been coming out of the woodwork recently and the Korean firm viliv has a new one they announced today called the X2 A.I.O.. It’s certainly a nice looking device that features a built-in DMB TV receiver and a GPS receiver.

    Storage capacity is either 30GB or 60GB and the screen is a large 4.3-inch LCD panel made by Samsung. This is the second PMP announced this week that has a built-in FM transmitter and the X2 is powered by a rather fast AMD AU1250 CPU running at 600 MHz.

    Other features include a video player and a built-in dictionary. It seems that while the device has a GPS receiver, there is no software included to really take advantage of this feature.

    (Via Portable Video Player News.)

    the new Max Mojigo

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    the new Max Mojigo: "


    At IFA in Berlin this year German electronics maker Max GMBH is displaying a new GPS navigation system called Max Mojigo which is already available in Germany ranging from €230 to €350.

    The device comes in three flavors: Max Mojigo Starter, Europe Travel, or Europe Travel TMC, all of which feature a 3.5″ TFT touchscreen (320x240 pixels), and a media player that can handle music and videos.

    All Max Mojigo of navigation equipment has 3.5″ TFT touchscreen (320 x of 240 pixels) that can display your maps in 2D or 3D, a SiRF Star III GPS chip, SD memory card slot, 1050mAh battery that can last upto 2 hours and a processor at 400MHz.

    The Max Mojigo Starter (€230) comes with a 512MB SD card which comes pre-installed with maps of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Max Mojigo Europe Travel (€300) on the other hand comes with a 2GB memory card and offers maps for all of Europe. And if you need live traffice information on top of that you should get yourself a Max Mojigo Europe Travel TMC (€350) which comes with a RDS/TMC receiver.

    We’re not sure if it’ll ever make it to U.S.

    (Via NaviGadget.)

    TomTom RIDER 2

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    TomTom RIDER 2: "

    tomtom-rider-2-002 TomTom'announced today the launch of the new TomTom RIDER 2nd Edition, TomTom’s all-in-one navigation solution designed for bikers by bikers.'Like all TomTom navigation devices, The RIDER 2nd Edition combines portability, a sleek design and an easy-to-use touchscreen interface with TomTom’s award-winning software.

    The TomTom RIDER features a simple, easy-to-use touchscreen that is'designed so that riders can operate the device even while using gloves. It comes with a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that provides up to 5 hours of constant driving, or can be wired into a 12v motorcycle battery (with the included power cable) for a constant charge. The RIDER comes preloaded with maps of both the United States and Canada.

    New and enhanced features include:

    • Sleek design, with newly designed power button

    • Rugged ‘RAM’ mount that fits on virtually all motorcycles, is easy to mount, and can withstand rigorous vibration conditions common to riding

    • High-quality Cardo scala-rider'Bluetooth'headset for in-helmet'spoken instructions. The new headset fits open and closed helmets, and'has exceptional noise cancellation performance to ensure that bikers'can hear directions and phone calls with unparalleled clarity.

    • Waterproof (IPX-7 standards) to protect device from rain and fuel'splashes

    • Car kit accessory with separate mount and built-in speaker for car'usage

    • Rugged and secure bike dock for single-handed mounting

    • Enhanced quality voice instructions

    • Easy to hear beep instructions as speed increases to replace voice'instructions

    • Bluetooth for hands-free calling

    Technical Specifications

    • 3.5″ 320 x 240 full TFT color LCD touchscreen (64k colors)

    • CPU 380 MHz, 32MB RAM

    • High sensitivity GPS chipset

    • Waterproof: IPX7

    • Maps of US and Canada preloaded on 1GB SD Card

    • SD card slot

    • Operating Temperature: 14 to 130 degrees F

    • Bluetooth

    • Internal lithium-polymer battery (up to 5 hours operation)

    • Power source: 12V DC battery, 110V AC charger

    • Dimensions: 4.46″ x 3.79″ x 2.08″

    • Weight: 11 ounces

    The new TomTom RIDER is available now for $699.95.

    For more information visit TomTom

    (Via Mobility Site.)

    Garmin cuts prices of Nuvi and Zumo in the UK

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    Garmin cuts prices of Nuvi and Zumo in the UK: "


    Garmin announced today that it is cutting the price of two of its in-car satellite navigation systems, the nüvi 200 and 250 by more than 12 per cent. It is also reducing the price of the zūmo, its dual navigation system for motorbikers and motorists. Garmin, with the new price cuts, is hoping to catchup with the prices offered by their European rival Mio which offers similar devices at a much lower price range.

    The nüvi 200 price will be cut from £170 to £150 and the nüvi 250 will now cost £180, reduced from £200. The nüvi 200 comes with full UK and Ireland mapping while the 250 includes Europe as well.

    For prices of other nuvi models you can check out nuvi buying guide which now needs an update due to the change in prices.

    (Via NaviGadget.)

    Sony Go!Explore GPS navigation

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    Sony Go!Explore GPS navigation: "


    Sony just announced Go!Explore, a new GPS navigation system for PSP. The new package which is to hit the stores holiday season this year brings together maps of TeleAtlas and the software of NavNGo and will incorparate GPS receiver hardware and the software on a UMD for the maps. PSP’s high processor power will be able to render awesome 3D city maps and landmarks in select cities where TeleAtlas makes them available.

    Go!Explore is quite flexible and expandable supporting voice guidance in 11 languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish) and allowing users to update their POI database from the Playstation network or using Wi-Fi capabilities.

    If you live in the US, do not get your hopes up just yet though - Sony’s Go!Explore currently only offers maps of UK/Ireland, Iberia, France, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Italy, Benelux, and Scandinavia.

    (Via NaviGadget.)

    AnyDrive X1 GPS navigation features external HDD and a remote

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    AnyDrive X1 GPS navigation features external HDD and a remote: "

    gps-hdd-al-tech-x1.jpg The creative Koreans have come up with another way of selling their 7″ DMB + GPS navigation combo device which seems like a common household item over there from this side of the ocean. This time AnyDrive X1 adds an external 40GB HDD which is actually a media player (MG-25p) that supports all sorts of movie formats including DivX and audio formats such as OGG, WMA9 and more. The bad part about the external media player is that it is external and requires and additional power source but the good news is that you can control it with a remote control - separate from the main unit.

    MG-25p connects to AnyDrive X1 via the USB host but you can also use MG-25p on any display that accepts inputs from AV out cables. We have no info on pricing of AnyDrive X1. But we do know that it won’t be coming to the States… via

    (Via NaviGadget.)

    MS Launches Streets & Trips 2008 with USB GPS & MSN Direct

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    MS Launches Streets & Trips 2008 with USB GPS & MSN Direct: "

    It seems like it was just a few months ago that we checked out Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007 with the GPS locator. Microsoft has launched a new and updated version called Streets & Trips 2008. You can still get the new 2008 version with the GPS locator included, as software alone or with a new MSN Direct device.

    The MSN Direct device provides traffic updates, construction and accident information to help you avoid delays in your commute. It additionally provides gas prices and station locations in your area for price comparison. Neither of these two features requires a web connection as Direct receives real-time info from FM.

    The 2008 version also features auto re-routing if you miss a turn and a perspective map view that gives a display similar to what you see through your windshield. The MSRP for the version with MSN Direct is$179.99 and it is available now.
    Permanent Link

    (Via Everything USB News, Reviews, Tips.)

    GlobalTop's 51-channel G66 Touch Bluetooth GPS receiver

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    GlobalTop's 51-channel G66 Touch Bluetooth GPS receiverSure, we've seen a plethora of Bluetooth GPS receivers over the years, but GlobalTop's latest manages to stand out in the crowd. Boasting 51-channels, a reported 20-hours of battery life, and a built-in antenna, the oh-so-sexy G66 Touch measures in at just 3.09- x 1.96- x 0.27-inches. Additionally, you'll find USB connectivity / charging support, -158dBm sensitivity, a trio of LED indicators, and a fairly respectable startup time. Not a lot of dirt beyond that just yet, but review units should be hitting hands soon enough.

    (Via Engadget.)

    Katana II review

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    Katana II review: "


    The Sanyo Katana II that we featured on Navigadget recently got a short review and failed the class in GPS functionality.

    The inclusion of an embedded GPS is unusual at this price point, but to use it you must download Sprint’s implementation of Telnav’s GPS software and pay a subscription fee of $10 a month or $3 a day. I found the service often unpleasant to use.

    It sounds like Katana II has great looks but it lacks the ability to provide sufficient navigation thanks to Sprint’s slow download speeds and long TTFF.

    (Via NaviGadget.)

    Merian rolls out 3.7-inch Scout Navigator for Europe

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    Merian rolls out 3.7-inch Scout Navigator for Europe

    As the flood of new gizmos continues to pour out of IFA, a new GPS handheld has emerged for the European market. Merian's Scout Navigator touts a 3.7-inch VGA touchscreen, four to eight hours of battery life, NAVTEQ maps of Europe, and traffic notification support. Most notable, however, are the built in AudioGuides, which 'automatically play when you pass by any one of more than 800 places of interest in Germany, be it in a vehicle or on foot.' For those intrigued, watch for it to land next month for a staggering €779 ($1,047).

    (Via Engadget.)

    More details on the Magellan Triton series

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    More details on the Magellan Triton series: "

    Following my post on the forthcoming Magellan Triton series, GPS Tracklog and Groundspeak readers chimed in with their own questions, which I forwarded to Magellan.' Justin Doucette was kind enough to give us an advance look at some of the Triton's capabilities. Here's the Q and A:

    Q: Will the Triton series be able to auto-route, assuming the proper Magellan maps are loaded to the unit?

    A: Yes, this will require an application upgrade and the purchase of a Magellan Street Map.' This option will be available in early 2008.

    Q: Can you provide more details on photo geocoding? For example, will the Triton 2000 write location data to the EXIF header?

    A: The geographic coordinates (Lat/Long) will be recorded in the jpeg header file.

    Q: Will the Triton accept geocaching log data (like descriptions, hints, previous logs) along with the actual geocache points?'

    A: All geocaches will have to be loaded into VantagePoint prior to synchronization with Triton, but most (if not all) geocache attributes are supported in VP.' Stig (Pedersen, Senior Director of Marketing) may be able to comment on exactly which attributes are attainable through the Triton user interface.

    Q: How many geocache points can be loaded to the device?

    A: I believe the communicated limit is 1000, but there should be no reason (other than available space) that would limit the maximum.

    Q: Will the unit accept standard .gpx files via USB?

    A: .GPX files will be loaded into VantagePoint first, then VP will communicate with Triton via USB.

    (Via GPS Tracklog.)

    Satmap GPS

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    Satmap GPS

    satmap-gps.jpgA new handheld is about to be released in the UK called Satmap. The device can read digital maps on an SD card, and the on board software gives you the ability to zoom and pan seamlessly similar to Google Maps. Satmap has a 3.5″ hi resolution color screen as well as an extended battery life but their site do not share mAh capacity just yet.

    A lot of others specs are still not revealed such as the GPS receiver chip, processor, etc. However we know that Satmap will be quite rugged; enough to survive a long camping trip with no injuries.

    It will be available in August 2007 and will have over 100 different map cards to choose from covering National Parks, National Trails, UK regions and UK counties. More maps will be launched throughout the year and will include countries throughout the world.

    Satmap GPS device will come with basemaps of the UK from OS (Ordinance Survey) and will cost about £300. Best of it all: It will work with Macs

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    GlobalSat GPS Data Logger DG-100

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    GlobalSat GPS Data Logger DG-100: "

    GlobalSat GPS Data Logger DG-100

    Now that GPS and satellite networks are so common and inexpensive to utilize on a consumer level, GPS tracking (a.k.a. geotracking or geocaching) has become a mainstream hobby for millions of geeks and traveling photographers worldwide. There are countless commercial applications for GPS data logging, from tracking truck drivers and cargo to mapping highly accurate traffic patterns, locations of accidents, and more. GlobalSat maintains a vast satellite network to communicate with its GPS tracking devices like the Data Logger DG-100, a $90 USD gadget. We studied the DG-100 and took it on the road (and in the air) to get a good feel for how it performs. Continue reading to see the results of our tests.

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    SG-2520 satellite phone with GPS

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    SG-2520 satellite phone with GPS: "


    This simple looking phone, called SG-2520, features a 1.3MP camera, a nice 1.9 inch screen, 128MB memory, SD card expansion slot, Bluetooth, WAP, and support for languages that you’ve probably never heard of before.

    The specs up to this point is nothing spectular or out of the ordinary but Thuraya SG-2520 also is a dual-mode satellite phone.

    The satellite service option in Thuraya SG-2520 allows you to roam across nearly one third of the globe, from border to border; in urban areas and remote locations providing the advantages of easy mobility and seamless service beyond land-based telecommunication systems. This means that if you are in Thuraya’s coverage area you can make and receive calls anywhere in the world. And when outside the coverage area, you can also use your phone within a GSM compatible network.

    Thuraya SG-2520 is the only satellite tri-band phone that provides connectivity on 900/1800/1900 MHz GSM networks offering greater flexibility in high traffic GSM environments with increased phone usability and voice quality in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and North America.

    Combined with the GPS functionality there’s no way you’re getting lost with SG-2520 - at least on this 1/3 of the globe they cover. .. via

    (Via NaviGadget.)

    Becker prepares Traffic Assist 7927

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    Becker prepares Traffic Assist 7927: "


    It’s been almost a year since the German GPS navigation system maker introduced a new device - which was the Ferrari Traffic Assist Pro back at IFA 2006.

    According to our French sources Becker is preparing a brand new device called Traffic Assist 7927 which will be released at IFA 2007. It will have a standard screen size at 3.5″ and carry a SiRF Star III GPS receiver chip as well as RDS/TMC receiver for live traffic information.

    On the other hand, we have no information on which software they’ll use but most likely will continue with Navigon MobileNavigator, as they did on previous models.

    Here are main specs:

    • Integrated SiRF Star III GPS receiver chip

    • Integrated RDS/TMC receiver

    • 400 MHz processor

    • 3.5″ TFT touch screen

    • 128 MB of RAM

    • Maps of Europe on a 2GB SD memory card

    • Dimensions : 10.4x8.2x1.9cm

    • Weight : 174 gr

    We will have more details on August 31, with the opening IFA in Berlin…

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    LG LN740 GPS: Genius Guide

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    LG LN740 GPS: Genius Guide: "LG%20LN740%20GPS.jpg
    Firstly, let’s give a standing ovation to LG for bringing out a GPS device of this caliber amongst us. The LG LN740 is really slim (4.5’ x 3.5’ x 0.7’) and light (7.3 ounces). One may think that LG may have compromised on the size, but then they have doe pretty well to conjure a 4’ LCD display that has resolutions of up to 320 x 240 pixels. It achieves GPS functionality via a a SiRFStar III receiver in addition to Navteq street-level maps for the United Sates, Canada and Puerto Rico. It comes with support for sixteen languages and a text to speech guide for English, Spanish and French. It comes with three map views, namely, 3D track up, 2D north up, and 2D track up and has a good zooming capability."


    FCC Nod for Harman/Becker BE 7928 GPS Navigation Device

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    Harman/Becker BE 7928 GPS

    Harman/Becker's BE 7928 GPS navigation device just got the green signal from the FCC. The BE 7928 features a touch screen interface, as well as a phone button to answer/reject incoming calls over Bluetooth. A nifty Day/Night button switches between Day view and Night view when using the navigation system. The system takes in SD/MMC memory cards allowing you to store maps, MP3 music and more. It also features a USB device for connecting to your PC.

    One of the neat features of the Harman/Becker BE 7928 GPS device is the included FM transmitter. This lets you transmit your MP3 songs onto your car radio. The Bluetooth transceiver on this device allows you to connect only one phone at a time. When a phone is connected, contacts from your SIM card are automatically downloaded onto the BE 7928 so you can dial them directly from it rather than having to fumble with the phone when driving (you don't do that now, do you?).

    No word on the pricing or availability yet, but check back with us soon for those tiny details.
    Source: FCC

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    Clarion MAP770 available in Europe

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    We had talked about the Clarion DrivTrax P5 a while ago. Now we just find out that its twin brother MAP770 will be available in Europe. The only difference is that the newer European version MAP770 will include bluetooth connectivity unlike DrivTrax P5.

    Powered by a 400 MHz Samsung processor and operated by Windows CE 5.0 Core, MAP770 can handle WMA/MP3 files and display JPEG/BMP images on its 4.3″ touch screen - of course this is in addition to door to door navigation which relies on a highly popular SiRF Star III GPS receiver which can track 20 satellites all at once.

    MAP770 comes pre-installed with maps 28 European countries, even including Andorra and Vatican and can provide voice guidance in 23 different languages. It comes 2GB of memory and a rechargeable Li-Ion battery which can last up to 4.5 hours.

    We have no info on Clarion’s new MAP770 GPS navigation system just yet…

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    GT-750F bluetooth GPS receiver

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    canmore-gps.jpgTaiwanese Canmore is getting ready to export GT-750F bluetooth GPS receiver, now that they’ve made it through FCC. This receiver has a sleek design and a good look thanks to its small form factor and high quality materials used.

    GT-750F is bluetooth 2.0 compliant making sure it’ll pair up effortlessly with your PDA or smartphone. It can track 44 satellites in view and uses Venus520 GPS receiver which provide short start-up time and fast signal acquisition. Venus 5 series is quite sensitive; enabling to device get a fix at -155dBm and continue tracking at -158dBm.

    This small GPS receiver measures 73x44x21 mm in size but was still able to fit a Li-Ion battery which can provide more than 13 hours of operation.

    No info on pricing or availability for GT-750F just yet.

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    Medion MDPPC 250 review

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    medion-mdppc-250.jpgMedion MDPPC 250 is a PDA that comes with a GPS receiver which is not integrated into the device. This maybe a slight disadvantage considering it will cause extra clutter in your vehicle and you won’t be able to use it on foot since it needs to be plugged into the car charger for power. There are advantages too though: You’ll probably be able to get a quicker satellite fix since you can place right in front of your windshield and also it won’t drain your handheld’s battery.

    A UK site just did a review for Medion MDPPC 250 and found to be pleasing if you are on the market for a budget system:

    …there are some nice touches to this system, such as voice directions including road numbers. But overall it is let down by a lack of full postcode entry, low volume levels, and a basic POI system. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind the weaknesses mentioned above then it is worthy of consideration, especially if you’re only going to use the GPS on an occasional basis. When you consider the cheap price which gives you both a decent spec PDA and basic satellite navigation system it represents good value for money

    You can pick up Medion MDPPC 250 GPS from this site for £115.

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    ASUS R600 GPS

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    Asus’ new R600 GPS navigation device just recently made it through FCC, getting one step closer to being released in the U.S. Asus is aiming at the mid-high range GPS market with this device with features like a light sensor that will automatically adjust the LCD backlight to enhance viewing, bluetooth connectivity to make and receive hands free calls, and a large 4.3″ touch screen.

    Asus is also flexing their muscles with a 2200mAh Li-Ion battery and an SD slot that can support up to 4GB where as most other sat nav systems out there can only support 2GB for expansion.

    Here is the full set of specs:

    • OS: MS Windows CE .Net 5.0

    • CPU:Samsung 400MHz

    • Display:4.3″ 65K TFT with Touchscreen 480 x 272 Pixels (WQVGA)

    • Memory:128MB Flash ROM, 64 MB SDRAM

    • GPS: Built-in SiRF starIII chip

    • Expansion Slots: SD Slot, up to 4 GB

    • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0 Handsfree

    • Dimensions:142 x 83 x 18mm, 260g

    • Battery/Working time: 2200 mAh, (6 hours working time)

    • MP3 player, Video player, Photo Viewer

    • Supports Light sensor

    • Optional TMC module

    However we still have no information on pricing.

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    I-Navi brings G1 to the fore

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    I-Navi brings G1 to the fore

    The G1 personal navigation device from I-Navi comes with some interesting improvements such as a brighter display that has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It is powered by an AU1200 chipset from RMI, and really differentiates itself from the rest with the inclusion of both geomagnetic and gravity sensors. The former detects the absolute direction of the North Pole as well as heading direction of the vehicle while the latter senses motion via vectors X, Y, and Z. This means you can drive through urban canyons without missing a beat, as both sensors will maintain a steady direction unlike other GPS navigation systems that rely purely on their antenna.

    (Via UberGizmo, the Gadgets News Blog.)

    Evesham NAV-CAM 7000 for $181

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    Evesham’s inexpensive NAV-CAM GPS navigation system series continue with NAV-CAM 7000 which is currently on sale at for only $181. The same NAV-CAM 7000 sells for $300 on Amazon.

    NAV-CAM 7000 sounds like a good starter navigation system that features a 3.5″ touch screen, 3D maps, a 1GB SD card that contains 1.5 millions POI and maps of USA and Canada, and a simple multimedia player… just what you’d expect from an entry level system; nothing more, nothing less.

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    Pharos GPS Phone 600 and 600e for T-Mobile Customers

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    Pharos GPS Phone 600 and 600e

    Pharos announced an agreement with T-Mobile USA allowing customers to enjoy up to $200 off on purchasing the Pharos GPS Phone 600 and 600e. The catch, of course, is you have to enter into a new T-Mobile contract.

    Pharos GPS Phone 600
    Offering entertainment, mobile office and even navigation, the GPS Phone 600 is an unlocked, quad-band world phone. It comes bundled with pocket versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Thanks to integrated GPS, you get voice-prompted directions using the Ostia navigation software and pre-loaded maps of US and Canada. There's an FM radio on-board as well as Windows Media Player Mobile. A 2MPx camera is available as well. Originally priced at US $699.95, it is now available for US $499.95 with a new, 2-year voice and data plan with T-Mobile.

    Pharos GPS Phone 600e
    An enterprise version of the GPS Phone 600, the 600e is similar to 600 in all respects, except that this does not include pre-loaded navigation software, maps or car kit. Priced at US $599.95, the price for those signing up a 2-year contract with T-Mobile is now $399.95.

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    GPS4305 w/ 4.3″ screen and rear view camera support

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    GPS4305 is manufactured by a Chinese company called Xiachao. The device has impressive features, that can easily compete with big Western brand names. Take for example the 4.3 inch TFT LCD touch screen with support for rear view camera, and the SiRF Star III GPS receiver chipset.

    Other features include a Samsung 2440A CPU at 400MHz, SD/MMC slot which supports capacity up to 2GB and a replaceable and rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery at 1600mAh.

    Hopefully some Western retailer will pick up the GPS4305 and bring some more competition to the US and EU GPS markets.

    (Via NaviGadget.)