adnav GPS

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adnav GPS

adnav GPS

Get ready for subsidized GPS devices from a company called adNav. Their new device is called Boomerang and apparently it’ll pack in more features then your standard GPS navigation system on your dashboard. Boomerang, which is expected to be showcased at CTIA Wireless I.T. and Entertainment in San Francisco, will have Wi-Fi as well as cellular network connectivity to bring you the latest weather, travel information, restaurant guides, and of course ads.

When a traveler arrives at one of AdNav’s partner hotel or car rental location, they will be offered the Boomerang for a few dollars a day. In addition to full functioning voice guided GPS navigation, the Boomerang will include unlimited access to the web through WiFi and cellular networks. As part of the city and restaurant guides, users will have access to hundreds of pages of geo coded information to allow them simply to touch the desired destination in the city guide and be seamlessly guided via GPS. Users will have unlimited access to live flight information, weather, language translator, currency exchange calculator, tip calculator and, of course, games.

It is expected to be available in November first at hotels and car rental places, and maybe eventually be available for general consumers for a small monthly fee…

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Becker Drops Two New GPS Modules For U.S. Customers

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Becker Drops Two New GPS Modules For U.S. Customers: "

beckergps.jpgGPS maker Becker announced the Traffic Assist 7927 and 7928 today, offering a free lifetime subscription to its real-time traffic update service. The traffic service not only displays the current traffic conditions, but will reroute you for the quickest possible trip. The devices come with a mood light, built-in speakers, speed limit notifications and MP3 playback. The 7927 comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen and will sell for $449, while the 7929 comes with a 4.8-inch touchscreen and will sell for $500. No word on a release date yet other than early 2008.

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Dash Express Hits the FCC

Dash Express Hits the FCC: "

Image goes here.

Yet more proof that the elusive Dash Express connected GPS device is really happening, the device recently hit the FCC's leak-prone website for approval. Dash must be darn close to a final product for it to be already sent to the FCC. Let’s just hope it passes muster with the fine folks at the FCC, otherwise that could spell delays for the estimated Q1 2008 launch.

Looking at the FCC's site shows nothing unexpected in terms of specs: 4.3-inch screen, cellular antenna (for two-way communication), WiFi, GPS radios, two-way traffic. Also, a slightly redesigned casing with a 400MHz Samsung processor running a Linux build, 128MB RAM with 3GB of flash for map storage.

My only question on this is what's up with the USB cable in the picture above? I thought the cellular capabilities of it were suppose to do all updating and such, I still hope this is true...Here’s a link to the FCC exhibits list, including a bunch of external and internal close up and personal pictures.

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GPS for skiers

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GPS for skiers: "

GPS for skiers

GPS devices seems to be customizing themselves for various different outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing and/or golfing. Today we can add another one to the list: skiing. A company called Satski (satellite + ski?) came up with a GPS navigation system specifically designed for skiers.

The main feature of the Satski system is to give you an interactive map of the mountain that will guide, assist and record your movements throughout the day while you hit the slopes.

The system, which can easily fit in your fat ski jacket, will constantly update the your current position on the map, give you some statistics, and record your coordinates, altitude, speed, and distance to be analyzed later on.

Other features of the system include a basic MP3 Player, a few games, list of emergency contacts for your area such as mountain rescue, and some photos and information on restaurants in the vicinity.

The system currently has detailed information on Tignes, Val d’Isère, Courchevel, Méribel, Val Thorens, La Plagne, Les Arcs, St Anton and Verbier resorts. You can rent it for about $60/day…

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GPS navigation for trucks

GPS navigation for trucks: "

gps navigation for trucks

PTV Loxane of France is preparing a new version of GPS navigation system for trucks. The current version of Truck Navigator software is available for PC’s as well as for Windows Mobile PDAs.

The hardware they now offer will come in two different sizes, one with a 4″ screen - TNP4 - for smaller vehicles and light trucks and a 7″ version - TNP7 - that is specially designed for larger vehicles.

The Map&Guide Truck Navigator is a navigation solution intended for professionals working in ground transportation industry. The device uses maps of France coming from Navteq that is specific to the trucks including weight and height limitations for bridges and tunnels, as well as roads that are not open to truck traffic such as city centers.

The new version of their software will include more recent maps from Navteq, probably dated back to 2nd or 3rd quarter 2007 which will be available from early 2008.

TNP4 will be available for 549 € and and TNP7 for 649 €. Navigation software for PCs or PDAs is sold separately for 249 € and the DVD with maps of Europe sells for 99 €…

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Hitachi W53H

Hitachi W53H: "

Hitachi W53H

Hitachi just announced W53H, a really sleek phone also known as Wooo. It’ll come in three colors; namely Japan Black, Nordic White, and Euro Purple. The main attraction with W53H is of course the slim body measuring only 14.2mm’s, metallic accents around the edge and the hinges, and super smooth surface. And of course there’s the 2.8″ OLED TV like screen that covers a big section of the inside without losing space near the edges. It has a 10000:1 contrast ratio for bringing the best image quality from any angle.

W53H can accept microSD cards, on which it can record videos almost up to 2 hours with a 2GB card. It also has a 2MP camera, an infra red port, and even a TV receiver which can you watch up to 4.5 hours after a full charge. And finally of course it has GPS, or why else would it be on Navigadget? The navigation software on Wooo can guide to destination both with sound and vibration and in addition you can search for a place via voice input.

It is for pre-order in Japan currently…

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navigation system on Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

navigation system on Ferrari 612 Scaglietti: "

bose ferrari

The Bose Media System we featured earlier this year was fitted on a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti at a motor show in Tokyo recently.

Both Ferrari 612 and the Bose Media System are great engineering marvels. We don’t know much about the car here at Navigadget but here are the specs and features for the Bose Media system:

  • Customized 5.1-channel surround sound Bose audio system

  • FM / AM broadcast radio

  • XM satellite radio

  • Multi-format disc player

  • uMusic intelligent playback system

  • 200 hours hard-drive capacity

  • Navigation system

  • Bluetooth device scanning and pairing

  • iPod connectivity, with access via system display

  • USB 2.0 input for portable media

Ferrari 612 will cost you a little over a quarter of a million dollars. The Bose Media System however is cheaper but we don’t exactly by how much…

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MyDean FX-7 GPS navigation and DMB

MyDean FX-7 GPS navigation and DMB

MyDean FX-7 gps navigationAfter FX-1, MyDean now offers FX-7. We’re not sure what happened to the five FX’s in between but we sure like MyDean FX-7.

MyDean FX-7 has a sharp 7″ LCD touch screen, comes with a DMB receiver to catch your favorite digitally broadcast (Korean) channels. It also offers both AV-In and AV-Out so you can connect up to a DVD player or hook up to another screen. Another I/O pair is the USB port and the USB host.

The software is capable of PIP (picture in picture) enabling the user to watch TV and use GPS navigation at the same time. Unlikely to see this on the U.S. side… via pmpinside

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TomTom ONE XLS: "


The TomTom ONE XL-S was officially announced today, the XL unit gets a bump with the addition of Text-to-Speech (TTS). On the heels of the TomTom ONE 3rd edition which added the ver. 7 operating system, MapShare and TMC traffic (optional) skipped the text-to-speech, but a nice little up-version itself. Text-to-Speech is quickly becoming the must-have feature in GPS units, with recent market entries at or below $200 with Text-to-Speech, the market pull is there.

The TomTom ONE XL-S will include the version 7 operating system, which includes MapShare capability, Help ME! Button and a slightly improved interface.

Expect the TomTom ONE XLS to ship soon (Officially by the end of October) and be list priced at $399.

Press Release Follows…

TomTom, the world’s largest navigation solutions provider, today reveals the TomTom ONE XL•S. The new TomTom ONE XL•S is the first product in the TomTom ONE XL range to offer text-to-speech technology, enabling street names and places to be read aloud as part of the spoken navigation instructions. The TomTom ONE XL•S also offers the exclusive TomTom Map Share™ technology and unique ‘HELP ME!’ features on a 4.3 inch screen.

TomTom Map Share™ is a proprietary map improvement technology that enables users to easily and instantly improve maps. Via TomTom HOME, TomTom's free desktop software application, Map Share™ users can share map improvements made by the community of Map Share™ users - so that they always have the most up-to-date maps available in the industry. Map Share™ users can also respond in real time to changes in the road network and, with just a few simple taps on their screen, can correct the maps on their device accordingly.

The extensive 'Help Me!' menu includes information about the nearest car repair service center, police station, or hospital, and allows users to either locate or call the closest emergency service provider no matter where they are. It also allows users to quickly identify their exact location, so that they can provide this information to emergency assistance providers and receive help more quickly.

‘The TomTom ONE XL•S brings two great technologies, text-to-speech for spoken instructions and TomTom Map Share™ for the most up-to-date maps, to our ONE XL platform,’ said TomTom Inc president Jocelyn Vigreux. ‘The TomTom ONE XL•S complements our portfolio and gives our customers even more products to choose from.’

Pricing and Availability TomTom ONE XL•S will be available starting at the end of October for $399.95 at major retailers across the US and Canada.

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Mio C230 Full Review

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Mio C230 Full Review


The Mio C230 is a standard screen GPS follow-up to their Mio C220 model that established a solid entry in the GPS market below the $200 price point. The Mio C230 unit adds text-to-speech to the entry level that will quickly set the pace for other makers to add text-to-speech to the low ends of their lines (we hope). I like text-to-speech a lot and will be happy to see more text-to-speech models in this price range.

With the Mio C230 you still get SiRF star III chipsets, and maps of the US (of course, right?). The unit does not offer some of the higher end features like Bluetooth handsfree phone capability, or video playback.


The Mio C230 has a small feel and look to it. I have to say that with the elongated front panel, it makes it look smaller in size than it really is. The screen really is 3.5’ diagonally, I swear. The single button on top turns the unit on and off, while a slider switch on the back allows you to lock it in the ‘Off’ mode so that it won’t turn on while it’s packed away for travel. A mini USB inlet on the bottom also serves as the power plug, which sits next to the SD card slot.

The mount is a cam lever mount - I like that; and to get the Mio C230 into its cradle, you need to put a small bar on the mount into a hole in the back and then rotate the bottom of the unit into the cradle. Not the easiest thing at first, but not bad after you get the hang of it. I'll admit that part of the problem was me; most GPS units snap the bottom into a mounting shoe and then you rotate the top of the unit backwards into the clips. This unit goes the other way, snapping the back into the bar, and then rotating the bottom down.

The unit has an internal battery that lasts several hours – more than two which is a decent benchmark for not being annoyingly weak. I look at it this way; if I can drive with it not plugged in for a reasonable road trip, or a few days driving around locally, it makes my life better. There are models out there that have short battery lives and you can barely do the above before it starts warning you of a weak battery.

Navigation with the Mio C230 is straight forward with numerous ways to find your destination. The new Mio Map version is on the C230 and it includes a ‘type ahead’ feature that shows you only the letters that are available next in the word that you are typing. So, when you type Maple St., and you type the ‘M’, the unit will only highlight letters that can come next, including ‘A’. This has the effect of speeding input; net, a big help here. On top of this, when it can limit you to only a few selections due to the letters you have already typed, it will pop and show you a screen with street selections. So if by process of elimination, it can limit the choices to a handful, you don’t need to finish the list.

The Mio C230 has about 1.7 Million POI. The Mio C230 has the ability to search for stores and places of business, which is a huge help, but the database is a bit limited. WalMart, Target, Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks are all in there, but things like Old Navy and The Gap aren’t. The Mio C230 also offers you an easy list of recently visited locations to help you get back to somewhere you just went to. The unit also has the ability to navigate to latitude and longitude coordinates.

Navigating with the Mio C230 is good, and voice prompts come at the right times. The voice is more computerized sounding than most. The volume switch is buried a few menus deep, and I wish the unit had easier access to the volume setting. The flip side is that it has dynamic volume control, so it will go louder while going at higher speeds, removing most of the reason for adjusting the volume. There is a mute capability right on the screen. The maps are based on the new TeleAtlas maps (version - 2006.10), which does away with a lot of the inaccuracies that were an issue just a year ago.

Map vs. Cockpit View
The Mio 230 offers a ‘Map’ screen and a ‘Cockpit View’. When navigating I liked to hit the menu button on the left side of the unit that comes back to a navigation system menu. You hit the ‘Home’ button and that allows you to quickly tap the Cockpit icon on the bottom right to bring up this useful navigation routing ‘Cockpit View.’ This view is a nice navigation view that shows you data fields on the left side, which are programmable. The display shows the upcoming road, as well as things like speed, time to destination, etc. At the left top of the cockpit view, you get a turn indicator for the next turn (left, right, bear left, etc), as well as turn countdown bar that goes vertically down the left side of the screen. To change these data fields, from the main screen tap the ‘Menu’ button, then ‘Home’, then the ‘Tools’, then ‘Advanced’, then ‘Cockpit settings’ – this will give you the option to turn on ‘3-d in cockpit mode’, and change the 3 data fields that are displayed when traveling in the cockpit mode.

Setting Favorites – Home and Work
You can program two ‘Favorites’ that come set up as ‘Home’ and ‘Work’. If you tap either of these buttons when you don’t have an address stored in there, you will be prompted to go through a dialogue to set those addresses. If you already have them set and want to change them, it’s easy too: To change these data fields, from the main screen tap the ‘Menu’ button, then ‘Home’, then the ‘Tools’, then ‘General’ and ‘Set Favorite Destinations’ which will allow you to change the address and the name – so you don’t always have to call them ‘Home’ and ‘Work’, you could get creative here…. But you only have about 20 characters before things get ugly.

In this General Settings page, you’ll be able to turn on ‘Automatic Night colors’ (I recommend it), warn when speeding, and setting if you want the Mio C230 to automatically recalculate a route if you take a wrong turn. I would recommend that you leave this set to automatic as this will let the Mio quickly recalculate a route based on your current location if you make a wrong turn.

Review Summary
MioC230logo.jpgOverall, I think that the Mio C230 is a solid GPS for Mio and offers a good entry-level GPS. Mio continues to bring advanced features to the GPS world, like text-to-speech in the C230, keeping price pressure on the big guys and offering a lot of features for not so much money. The screen is certainly bright enough to hold up in all but the brightest conditions. The navigation is sound, and the interface is good, but not as dead easy at a Garmin. There are a lot of very happy Mio users who come to learn the interface quickly and are confident in the navigation. I think that the Mio C230 represents a good value with some innovative features that can make your navigation life easier after you learn your way around the interface. Definitely add the Mio C230 to the list when shopping around for entry-level GPS devices.


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Mio A502

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Mio A502

Mio A502Taiwanese manufacturer Mio announced a new PDA phone recently called Mio A502. Mio A502 should be replacing the older Mio A501 which we’ve featured on Navigadget numerous times, but it will keep the same form factor.

In terms innovations, you’ll be happy to hear that A502 will have finally feature Windows Mobile 6 as well as Wi-Fi and come with 1 GB of ROM instead of 256 MB, and also utilize USB 2.0 (instead of 1.1).

Its principal characteristics :

  • Integrated SiRF Star III GPS receiver with QuickFix (A-GPS) technology

  • TI OMAP 850 processor at 200 MHz

  • 1 GB of ROM and 6B MB of RAM

  • 2.7″ touch screen with 320x240 pixels (QVGA) resolution and 262K colors

  • Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, GPRS and EDGE

  • Integrated 2MP camera

  • Bluetooth 2.0 (with A2DP)

  • SD/MMC extension port

  • Mini USB 2.0

  • Removable 1050 mAh lithium-Ion battery which lasts 4 hours using GPS

  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional

  • Dimensions : 9.6x6.0x2.1 cm

  • Weight : 135g

It should come with MioMap navigation software, windshield mounting kit, and a car charger. No information to date on its price and its availability…

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Garmin Edge 605/705 Launch Now Q1 - 2008

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Garmin Edge 605/705 Launch Now Q1 - 2008


Garmin confirmed with me yesterday that the new Garmin Edge 605/705 will be delayed the first quarter of 2008, from the original December launch date that was mentioned in the press release. So for those of us with a new Garmin Edge at the top of our wish lists for this December, I guess you’ll just have to slide it to the top of your St. Patrick’s Day wish list instead. Garmin spokesman Jake Jacobson told me, ‘While any delay is disappointing, we'd rather take the time to get it right.’

Personally, I would much rather have a quality product hit the shelves a few months late than have a buggy unit in the middle of the winter. (I live near Boston, and don't ride through the winter, but I guess if you live in L.A., it would be a bigger disappointment.) Yea, it stinks that there’s a delay, but I think this underscores the quality operation Garmin is; in not wanting to go to market before the unit is absolutely ready. The Edge 705 has a lot of new capabilities, including mapping, routing and of course the wireless features that allow you to swap and share data and routes with all of your biking friends who also have Edge 705’s. I am not sure I can drop the money for the 705, but the mapping capability plus the fitness functions are fantastic. I bike a fair amount and am looking forward to using a new Edge myself.

In the end, look at it this way; you’ll still have a new Edge 705 in time for your first spring ride!

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Pyxis GPS Watch is Designed for Athletes, Not Aesthetes

Pyxis GPS Watch is Designed for Athletes, Not Aesthetes: "

20071015211847390.jpgThe Pyxis GPS watch is a versatile gadget for exercise freaks — which also, judging by its looks, doubles as a blunt instrument that the CIA might use against their enemies when everything else has failed. With a gazillion functions, including time, speed, distance and even calorie consumption measurement, you can programme your goals into it, store lap exercises, and even keep your favorite routes on tap. Gallery and more on its other functions below.

The Pyxis' GPS means you can find out how many yards from the green you are, as well as displaying hazards such as bunkers and rough, and keeping score for you. There's even a car GPS mode, as well as what looks like a port for connecting to your computer.

(Via Gizmodo: GPS.)

RM-A4000 from XRoad gives riders a new option

RM-A4000 from XRoad gives riders a new option: "

RM-A4000 - XRoad

The market for GPS navigation systems designed for riders is quite limited. The best ones out there are the Garmin Zumo and the TomTom Rider. Today we present a new brand - XRoad - entering the arena with their new model RM-A4000. There’s nothing too special about the circuitry or the software inside the RM-A4000; you get your usual 3.5″ screen, 64MB memory, SD card slot, and support for multimedia files.

The difference is in the exterior design, such as the visor-like cover to minimize the reflection, and the special joystick button to control the menus which make RM-A4000 quite unique. There’s also big button to activate bluetooth so you can pair up with your helmet - and possibly your cell phone.

There’s word that it would be available next month for about $600 - but not sure which country…

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Mio C728

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Mio C728: "

Mio C728Mio now features their latest GPS navigation system C728 on their website. C728 has a big 7″ screen and various multimedia capabilities making it suitable for those who don’t want to spend extra for a separate display for those on the back seat.

Mio C728 also has an embedded real time traffic and weather information receiver and it uses a SiRF Star III GPS receiver. It has a 1200mAh battery that lasts for 2.5 hours - enough for most movies. AV/GPS button at the top of device will let you switch between two modes instantly and you can always use the SD/MMC slot for music and photos.

Not sure when it will be available here in the U.S.

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JVC storms back with KV-PX701 / KV-PX501 navigators

JVC storms back with KV-PX701 / KV-PX501 navigators

10-14-07-jvc-kvpx701 Aw JVC, we knew you couldn’t keep your feet out of the overcrowded GPS biz for too long, and while you certainly tried to assure us that you were callin’ it quits earlier this year, we suppose the two new navigators you’ve got on the horizon act as proof to the contrary. Apparently, the outfit will soon be launching the KV-PX701 and KV-PX501, which are both slated to utilize NAVTEQ maps and a 400MHz Samsung processor. The former boasts a 4.3-inch touchscreen, a SiRFstarIII chipset and integrated RDS-TMC capability, while the latter packs a 3.5-inch touch panel, a Media Tec GPS receiver and has its RDS-TMC module built into the car mount. The duo is expected to ship later this month for €399 ($565) and €349 ($495), respectively, but we’ve no idea if either will be headed to America.

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Clarion MAX973HD

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Clarion MAX973HD

Clarion MAX973HD

Clarion MAX973HD is an hard disk based navigation and DVD multimedia station with a 7″ touch screen display. The features of this beast would literally cover a few pages if we had to list all of them, so we’ll just go ahead and talk about the basics.

First off, the navigation system: Navteq maps take some of the space on the 30GB hard disk, works together with in a built-in RDS-TMC live traffic information receiver, and has a 2D gyro sensor to keep navigation on route when going through tunnels or when GPS signals are weak. It does both voice recognition and text-to-speech in multiple languages and even offers freeway sign renderings where appropriate.

The optical drive on Clarion MAX973HD is capable of playing DVD videos as well as recording DVD’s (DVD±R/DVD±RW/CD-R/CD-RW ready to be precise), and it also supports MP3 and WMA formats whether you bring the data on a disc or on an SD card.

It also has bluetooth to pair with your phone and also has a special interface for iPods (CCA-692 iPod video connecting cable required). We hate to do this to you but we don’t when this will be available or for how much…

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Asus R300

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Asus R300

Asus R300

First pics of the new Asus R300 GPS navigation system have surfaced which is expected to be available in November in Europe. It will come in two colors: silver and white.

Some features and specs of the new Asus R300:

  • SiRF Star III GPS receiver

  • 3.5″ touch screen

  • Light sensor

  • Hands free bluetooth kit

  • Anti-echo function

  • FM transmitter

  • Samsung processor at 400 MHz

  • MicroSD port

  • Mini USB

  • 64MB SDRAM

  • 128 MB ROM

  • 1300 mAh Li-Ion battery

  • Windows CE.Net 5.0

  • audio (AAC, MP3, WMA) and video (MPEG4, H263) player

  • Dimensions : 14.2x8.2x1.8 cm

  • Weight : 300g

It’ll use iGO 2008 navigation software… via

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GeoPic II geotags your Nikon shots, saves on battery

GeoPic II geotags your Nikon shots, saves on battery>Geotagging kind of loses its appeal when it's cutting your battery life to ribbons, which is where GeoPic II comes in. The unit slides into your DSLR's hot shoe and embeds GPS information off of a SiRFstar III chip onto your photo's meta data, just like the competition, but what sets the GeoPic II apart is that in comparison to its predecessor, the unit get three times as much battery life, allowing you to tag a good many more photos. The device accomplishes this by only streaming GPS data to the camera when needed, which sounds like a given, but apparently took a good bit of R&D to pull off. There's no telling how this tech compares in power savings to NXP's swGPS, which was built with a similar purpose, but GeoPic II is available now for £200 ($408 US), while swGPS hasn't quite made it out of the labs just yet. GeoPic II is compatible with most Nikon DSLRs and the Fuji S5 Pro.

(Via Engadget.)

Blusens announces GPS with satellite images

Blusens announces GPS with satellite images: "

Blusens G02 GPS

Blusens has just introduced two new GPS navigators that feature satellite images. The G01 and G02 both have the GPS data overlaid onto satellite images making the display much nicer to look at and also easier to navigate. With the satellite images you should be able to pick out landmarks a little easier making it even harder to get lost.

The G01 features a 30GB hard drive, while the G02 has a 40GB hard drive. Both models offer a 4.3-inch touchscreen, SD/MMC card support, along with audio, video, and still image playback. The G02 also features Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP support.

The G01 is set to be released in November for €499 and the G02 is expected in early 2008, no word yet on pricing for the G02.

(Via Gadgetell.)

Lowrance XOG

Lowrance XOG: "


Taking a page from the Magellan playbook, Lowrance has a 'crossover' product coming out, the Lowrance XOG, billed as a road-trail-water navigator. Unfortunately, the unit comes with a 12 channel GPS receiver, which tells us that it doesn't have a high-sensitivity chipset like the SiRFstar III.

It does have a 3.5' color touch screen, over 3 million POIs, and an MP3 player.' It can also utilize aerial imagery, ala the Lowrance iWay 600C.

No word yet on when it will be out or the price tag.

(Via GPS Tracklog.)

Glofiish M800 has embedded GPS

Glofiish M800 has embedded GPS: "

Glofiish M800

We have some info on a new handheld from ETen called Glofiish M800. The new Glofiish M800 will have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and in terms of other specs will resemble HTC’s Kaiser which was introduced in the U.S. as Tilt.

Glofiish M800

  • 1530 mAh battery

  • 2 cameras


  • standard 2.5 mm stereo headset connector

  • 500 MHz Samsung processor

  • 256 MB ROM

  • VGA display

  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional

  • SiRF Star III GPS chip

Eten is expected to release M800 as soon as next month and charge about 600 €…

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Deluo GPS Mouse

Deluo GPS Mouse: "

Traveling with a laptop and need a mouse and a GPS? The DeluoGPS Mouse may just be your answer. The small ergo travel mouse has a GPS receiver hidden under the scroll wheel and mouse buttons to allow you to use mapping software with one convenient attachment. The Deluo GPS mouse is available with the MS Streets & Trips software package for about $130 or the GPS mouse alone for about $99.

More at Deluo

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Intellinav 3 Review

Intellinav 3 Review: "

Intellinav 3

Netropa’s high-end sat nav system Intellinav 3 got a review from PCMag recently. However with todays standard Intellinav 3 is really more like an entry-level system with its 3.5″ screen and lack of bluetooth connectivity. Intellinav 3 also lacks good support for multimedia files:

Approximately 600MB of the 2GB card is available for your MP3 and JPG files. Be advised: The MP3 player is very simple. Your only choices are ‘random’ and ‘repeat;’ playlists are not supported. The picture viewer is likewise very simple. You can play a slide show of all photos or view them individually.

However with its $330 price tag you expect to see the basic features implemented really well and Intellinav 3 does that: It has a large POI database, pronounces street names clearly, allows for multi stop trips, and most important of it all provides good directions using the maps from Navteq…

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another GPS / GSM jammer: Wave Bubble

another GPS / GSM jammer: Wave Bubble: "

gps jammer

We had talked about some other commercial and DIY GPS jammers before but here we are presenting another one today. Built by Limor and presented on, this device is a self-tuning portable RF jammer that can can jam many different frequency bands without the need for a spectrum analyzer. Even though the earlier version seen on left has big antennas sticking out, the later version on the right is more compact, small enough to fit inside a pack of cigarettes.

Wave Bubble has an internal lithium-ion battery that can provides up to 2 hours of jamming when using two bands such as cell phones or 4 hours if you only care to scramble a single band, such as cordless phones, GPS devices, WiFi, bluetooth, etc. The battery is rechargeable via a mini-USB connector or 4mm DC jack, however alternatively you can use 3 AAA batteries.

Even the instructions are complete don’t think you can finish this jammer in one weekend for it involves difficult soldering, obscure parts, and other necessary equipment to debug. Also keep in mind the device is not for sale here nor anywhere else for it would be against FCC regulations. Do NOT contact us or Limor for how to purchase please.

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Blackbird II Requesting Permission To Land

Blackbird II Requesting Permission To Land: "

Alpine Blackbird II (PMD-B200)

Looks like Alpine is about to release another surprise GPS unit. If you head over to you will see a unit dubbed the PMD-B200 Blackbird II. This unit looks to be the successor to the infamously awful PMD-B100 Blackbird, however, the Blackbird II isn’t even listed on Alpine’s website yet.

This new BlackBird II has a 4-inch display with 480 x 272 pixels resolution, sports a 10GB hard drive, Bluetooth technology, NAVTEQ Traffic FM-RDS traffic-info service, 6 million POIs and media player capabilities.

To really tie this product into Alpine’s car audio equipment, you have the option of using the Blackbird in conjunction with an in-dash stereo. One of Alpines multimedia receivers has a docking station for the Blackbird II, so you can access all navigation features through the receiver's 6.5' touchscreen display.

Crutchfield has the Blackbird II listed out of stock and retailing for $699.99 with no sign of a release date. So while we have no clue when this unit will actually be coming out, $700 seems a bit steep for this unit when it does land.

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Garmin eTrex Summit HC review

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Garmin eTrex Summit HC review: "


The Garmin eTrex Summit HC is a mid-level mapping receiver in Garmin's eTrex H-series lineup. With a high-sensitivity receiver
for superior reception under canopy, a bright color screen, and the
ability to load topo maps (purchased separately), this is an excellent
backcountry GPS.

The Summit HC, like the Venture HC, has 24 MB of memory, and will accommodate 500 waypoints, 50 routes and 10 saved tracks. The difference between the two units is that the Summit HC adds a barometric altimeter and electronic compass.

Step up to the Vista HCx and you'll pick up two other features -- an expandable micro-SD memory card
slot instead of on-board memory, and auto-routing, allowing you to
generate turn-by-turn directions when highway maps are loaded.

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Garmin Mobile XT

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Garmin Mobile XT: "


Garmin has announced the latest incarnation of Garmin Mobile XT, a navigation solution for smartphones. The software is aggressively priced at $99.99, with no monthly fees, yet it includes access to dynamic content like premium real-time traffic alerts and weather, as well as gas and hotel prices. Of course, you'll still have to pay your carrier's data charge to access those features.

Since maps are already 'on board,' the application may be significantly

more responsive than those that require maps to be downloaded.

The software also includes a PeerPoints™ feature, enabling users to send

their position to any other phone as well as view and navigate to the

location of other Garmin Mobile XT users.

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Garmin Nuvi 760 Demo

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Garmin Nuvi 760 Demo: "


The Nuvi 760 was recently announced and will hit the stores soon but in the meantime if you are looking for a quick demo of its capabilities, cruise on over to their site to see a short flash movie of some of the features.

The Nuvi 760 is a slim widescreen unit that offers traffic alerts, bluetooth handsfree capabilities and an FM transmitter to hear verbal directions (and music from the built in MP3 player) over your car's stereo.

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LG-VX10000 has GPS

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LG-VX10000 has GPS: "


LG’s new high end phone LG-VX10000 which is expected to be out this November has embedded GPS capability that works with Verizon’s VZ Navigator. We’re not sure if Verizon is going to have the GPS feature unlocked (just like AT&T did for Tilt) enabling you two use it with third party applications, but if they don’t you’re going to have to pay $10/month or $3/day if you want to be location aware or get any sort of directions.

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ViaMichelin ships X-970 portable GPS navigator

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ViaMichelin ships X-970 portable GPS navigator: "

Remember the cutesy X-970 from way back in March? If not, there's no need to panic, as ViaMichelin is just now getting around to releasing this thing en masse. Available now, the 3.5-inch X-970 features Bluetooth, text-to-speech, real-time traffic capability, a three-watt internal speaker and Michelin Green Guide content, which describes 'thousands of attractions across the US and Canada.' If this sounds like your kind of navigator, you can grab one now for $399. Click on through for a few more looks.

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Anytrack releases a couple more GPS devices

Anytrack releases a couple more GPS devices: "

anydata-gps.jpgAnytrack, a real-time GPS tracking device and service provider has just rolled out a couple more devices that target both business and consumer markets. These new releases can track just about anything, including important cargo, vehicles, pets, and even people. The first of the two is the GPS-130 that was specially designed to help shippers, retailers, transportation and logistics providers reduce the incidences of cargo theft while increasing supply chain security. According to the FBI, cargo thefts cost from $12,000 to $3 million per shipment, and totals approximately $15 billion every year, so making sure that everything is in good order is not being paranoid as some might think.

The GPS-130 is actually the combination of the AnyTrack GPS-100 and a high-capacity rechargeable battery pack, packaged within a magnetic, impact-resistant case. As for the GPS-100, this tiny device measures a mere 2.36″ x 1.85″ x 0.8″ and won’t weigh down your pocket at 2.65 oz. It can also be be removed from the case for personal, individual use. Both of them are compatible with, AnyTrack’s proprietary real time asset management system that boasts features such as remote tracking from any PC, Automatic Tracking, Locate on Demand, and Location History.

According to Charles Napier, vice president of marketing for AnyDATA Corporation, parent company of AnyTrack, Inc., ‘The AnyTrack tracking units are unique from conventional GPS devices because only AnyTrack can determine its location without a direct line of sight to a satellite. The GPS-130 can track business assets that are in transit, stored in a warehouse or in a garage, almost anywhere in the U.S. The GPS-130 can report its location for weeks at a time while concealed in cargo or on a trailer.’ The AnyTrack GPS-100 and the GPS-130 will come with a sticker price of $229 and $349 respectively, with real-time tracking service starting from $9.95 monthly.

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Garmin nüvi 700 series sat navs heading this way

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Garmin nüvi 700 series sat navs heading this way: "garmin-nuvi-760-289-75.jpgThe Garmin nüvi 700 series becomes available to UK and selected other European consumers this month. The key word Garmin is using to describe them is elegant; slim, compact design is the order of the day with subtly integrated antennae. Features include..

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Latest Motorola MC70 blessed with GPS

Latest Motorola MC70 blessed with GPS: "

It's been a tick since Motorola / Symbol's MC70 saw a notable refresh, but today Moto is announcing that the newest version of its rugged Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) will boast GPS capability. The firm claims that this addition will allow organizations with field-based employees to 'track and manage dynamic, real-time tasking, as well as verify specific locations of activities and provide mobile workers with pinpoint navigation support to improve location-based productivity.' Additionally, the device will still include barcode data and signature capture, WWAN, 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth, and should be available for sale worldwide in Q1 of 2008.

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Michelin's New X-970 GPS Includes Michelin Green Guide Content, Does Traffic

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Michelin's New X-970 GPS Includes Michelin Green Guide Content, Does Traffic: "

ViaMichelin X-970

ViaMichelin's, a subdivision of automotive tire company Michelin, is rolling out their newest navigation unit the X-970.

The major feature that ViaMichelin is pushing is their integration with their exclusive Michelin Green Guide content. X-970 users can go to to plan upcoming trips by dragging and dropping restaurants and other destinations onto your unit. The Michelin Guides are highly regarded in Europe and ViaMichelin is hoping to bring this success to the US.

The new unit will feature the usual text-to-speech, Bluetooth, real-time traffic capability, SD card slot and sports a 3.5' screen.

X-970 is expected to hit retail stores soon with a street price of $349.

(Via GPS Magazine.)

Pioneer intros nine new GPS models in the AVIC lineup

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Pioneer intros nine new GPS models in the AVIC lineup: "

Pioneer’s AVIC-HRZ009G

In Japan, Pioneer is looking to add to their AVIC lineup by introducing not one, but nine different GPS models. Among these, the most impressive one is probably the AVIC-HRZ009G.

This new GPS boasts a large 7 inch touch screen, keep in mind most GPS’ screens are much smaller, a 40GB hard drive, yes 40, and an optical drive that can play DVDs and CDs. It also supports MP3, WMA and AAC files for music. Additionally, it supports DivX for movies and features a digital and analog TV receiver. If you wish to add on to this already expensive device, then you can buy a special cable which can connect your iPod up, using a special interface.

As previously mentioned, this and the other models in the AVIC lineup will retail in Japan for 1600 Euros or around $2,268 dollars.

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Alpine PMD-B200 Blackbird II with 10GB of memory

Alpine PMD-B200 Blackbird II with 10GB of memory: "

Alpine PMD-B200 Blackbird IIAlpine quietly made a new GPS navigation system available at Crutchfield called PMD-B200 Blackbird II, without even announcing it on their own website first.

The new BlackBird II has a 4″ display with 480 x 272 pixels resolution, touch screen controls, and maps that cover the United States including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Canada. PMD-B200 also has an extensive POI database that contains everything from a gas station to a small museum. Alpine Blackbird II also doubles as a media player handling file formats such as MP3 and WMA which can be brought on board using an SD card.

What’s different about PMD-B200 is that it has a 10GB hard disk drive but on the website there’s no mention of how much space is available for your media files. Maybe none? Good thing it supports SD cards upto 4GB - which is still a lot of music and videos.

Alpine Blackbird II is listed at $700 but is currently out of stock.

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SkyCaddie SG5 Pro helps golfers with GPS

SkyCaddie SG5 Pro helps golfers with GPS: "

SkyCaddie SG5

Sky Golf GPS was one of the first companies to offer a hand held GPS device for golfers. Once you get your hands on the SG5 Pro for about $430 you can download golf courses from company’s website.

SG5 Pro
has as a large color display and a durable battery. It also has a patented IntelliGreen technology which enables golfers to measure the full depth and shape of the green from any angle of approach and shows distances for all targets and hazards on any of SkyGolf’s mapped courses.

SG5 is currently the most advanced hand held device offered from SkyCaddie and the only one with a color screen.

(Via NaviGadget.)

Navman launches F10

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Navman launches F10: "

navman f10Right after renewing its S series sat nav systems with S30, S50, S70 and S90i, Navman is adding a new member to its F series: Navman F10.

F10 will follow the form factor of the F series, and will look quite similar to the F20 which we had talked about here at NaviGadget. F10 is an entry level model and it uses a light version of Navman’s navigation software called SmartST 2008. As usual F10 also offers preloaded radar database. On the other hand, it does not come with a USB cable nor the Navman Desktop software, which is necessary for the update of the radars. It is an optional add-on for 15 €. F10 also is not compatible with live traffic information.

The maps come from Tele Atlas and dates back to April 2007 and it is stored on the 512MB internal storage like the S series. F10 comes with a SiRF Star III GPS chip and has a 3.5″ display.

Navman F10 will be offered at 150 € (appx $213).

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new Navman S30

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new Navman S30: "

Navman S30The recent S series from Navman we talked about few weeks ago also offer a basic model called S30 which only cost about £ 146 in the U.K. It is truly an entry level system - with only extra that comes out of the box is pre-installed safety camera data which is about to become a standard for sat nav systems offered in Europe.

There’s no word if the Navman S30 will make it to the States side just yet.

(Via NaviGadget.)