Mio Moov S401


Mio Moov S401


Mio is coming up with a couple of new models for their Moov series. One of them is called Mio Moov S401.

Moov S401 will have a 4.3″ widescreen and carry about 4 million points of interests. It will feature the new Spirit interface Mio has been advertising lately.

A couple extra features are the ability to search for gas prices in your area, and the ability to use Google to send addresses to your unit. Though we’re not sure how it accomplishes these without the mention two way connectivity… Expect to pay about $130 for this unit.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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Carol said...

The Moov S401 bring 4.3-inch displays, respectively, along with a new "Spirit" interface and some new functionality like Google Send-to-GPS, NavPix for pulling location from geo-tagged photos, text-to-speech for spoken street names.
Mio Navman Spirit S300