Eclipse AVN4430


Eclipse AVN4430

We’ve mentioned the AVN2210P numerous times here on Navigadget but we got the news that TomTom and Fujitsu Ten are getting together once again to release Eclipse AVN4430.

Along with AVN726E, Eclipse AVN4430 will be named the ‘2009 Design and Engineering Award Honorees’ at the CES 2009 in Vegas. Keep in mind two years ago AVN2210p was rewarded the same title.

The ‘AVN’ abbreviation stands for ‘audio visual navigation’ and as far as specs all we know is that:

The AVN4430 is a secure dash-mount audio/visual/navigation system with portability, has a TomTom PND integrated with ECLIPSE superior sound & visual quality and offers exclusive benefits with co-branded technologies.

However just looking at the press photo we see that AVN4430 has a detachable 4.3″ TomTom GPS navigation system, and bluetooth connectivity.

Stay tuned for more specs… via

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