QSTARZ GPS Sports Recorder: Explore 2000


QSTARZ GPS Sports Recorder: Explore 2000

Do you know how many miles you jog every morning? How far you biked last summer? QSTARZ; a GPS device maker, just recently introduced the GPS Sports Recorder: Explore 2000. With the Explore 2000, you’ll have easy access to GPS coordinates but more importantly you will be able to manage and analysis various sports activities, such as cycling, jogging, sailing, skiing, etc. The bundle software-Qsports allows you to do track progress and graph all sorts of statistics. The Explore 2000 is available in 4MB memory for 260,000 waypoints and 20 hours operation time for a suggested price of USD $139.

Explore 2000 has a backlit LCD display that can show speed, odometer, time, total moving time, average speed, memory used, elevation, longitude and latitude. The package contains the GPS unit, Li-Ion battery, USB cable, software CD, travel charger, users guide, bike mount, and a sports armband.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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