Fine Drive iQ 3D GPS navigation system


Fine Drive iQ 3D GPS navigation system

Fine Drive of Korea has just come out with another amazing GPS navigation system called Fine Drive iQ 3D.

Fine Drive iQ 3D features free 3D map updates, and TPEG for latest reliable traffic information. What’s unique about iQ 3D is that not only the buildings are rendered in 3D but also the whole terrain of South Korea. But if that’s too much to consume on one 7″ screen for you, you could always switch back to 2D, or a simpler 3D version of the map.

It also features dead-reckoning so you won’t have to worry about losing GPS signal in tunnels, weather and news update with DMB channels, 6W integrated speakers, and software that is capable of calculating your carbon emissions.

Fine Drive iQ 3D will have a 8GB of internal storage and cost about 389,000KRW which is about $336…

(Via NaviGadget.)

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