QStarz BT-Q1000eX GPS Lap Timer


QStarz BT-Q1000eX GPS Lap Timer

QStarz just announced another kick ass GPS data logger called BT-Q1000eX. What makes this GPS data logger so special is that it has update frequency of 5Hz. That means GPS updates 5 times every second!

Some other features/specs of the BT-Q1000eX GPS Lap Timer include MTK II GPS chipset, 42 hour battery life, ability to store 400000 waypoints, 15 second satellite fix time, vibration sensor, and even a beeper.

Software? They included two.

Dual Software Included


  • Personal data setting for calculation calories

  • Sports Database management

  • For Record and manage your various exercise or sports.

  • Smart training plan and track for personal analysis

  • Share your tracks of sports or travel with friends


  • Built-in Google Map and visualization UI for users to easily manage their travel

  • Friendly design, Q-Wizard can make import/export much easier and faster

  • Flicker and Locr integration

  • Media files synchronization

  • Export HTML/MHT/GPX/KMZ/KML/CSV files for sharing -> HTML file can playback

Check out the images below.

(Via NaviGadget.)