Bushnell Onix 350


Bushnell Onix 350

Bushnell Onix 350 is a handheld GPS device designed for the outdoors. It has a 3.5″ color LCD screen and gives you the ability to download high-resolution

satellite images and topo maps onto your device.

It has the same body style as the ONIX 400 we’ve already covered but is a bit more affordable if you can let go of a few fancy features. Nonetheless Onix 350 is still very capable. For example it includes a new Almanac page that lets users view lunar and solar information to help determine the best fishing and hunting days based on sunrise/sunset times and moon phases. Or take the Solunar Edge Technology that uses internal sensors to measure barometric pressure and temperature. These sensors can be used for both optimal fishing times or weather forecasts. Also do not forget digital compass.

ONIX 350 can also keep track of your elevation, accompanied with a nice chart. Speaking of charts, this Onix comes with upgraded base map of the United States and Canada that shows roads, cities and points of interest.

The ONIX 350 can run up to 32 hours on one charge of its lithium-ion battery thanks to the SafeTrack feature that puts the screen to sleep, but keeps monitoring where you’re going and warn you if you’re off track.

The suggested retail price for was $400 but Amazon has it for $250 and Newegg for $130.

Here are some more specs:

  • Number of Waypoints 1,000

  • Number of Routes/Trails 50

  • User Memory 512 MB, expandable

  • Pixels (H x W) 320 x 240

  • GPS Chipset SiRF Star III

  • USB Connection

  • Waterproof Standard IPX7

(Via NaviGadget.)

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