garmin nuvi 1490TV


garmin nuvi 1490TV

Garmin just unveiled in Europe a new GPS navigation system called Garmin Nuvi 1490TV. As our readers with a moderate IQ level may already have guessed the ‘TV’ in the name is for support for digitally broadcast TV (and audio) channels. However the DVB-T terrestrial TV and radio is not very common in the U.S. of A just yet so don’t get your hopes up if you’re living on the west side of the Atlantic.

The good thing with DVB-T is that all the content is free which include 50 TV channels and 24 radio stations from all across Europe. Garmin Nuvi 1490TV has a 5″ screen and comes with mounts to make it easy to watch in your car, van, home, etc.

However the TV features of the device will automatically shutdown when you’re on the move. Obviously it is feature designed for safety but what about everyone else in the car? I hope Garmin gives the users (hopefully just passengers in the is case) the option to opt of this.

To make your viewing and listening pleasure even better nuvi 1490TV has built-in stereo speakers and a 3.5mm headphone output, a supposedly long lasting battery. It even has a composite video input for external rear view camera.

Some other features of the nuvi 1490TV include:

  • maps of Europe

  • free premium traffic updates

  • safety camera warnings

  • text-to-speech

  • hands-free phone calls with compatible bluetooth phones

Garmin Nuvi 1490TV will be available across Europe in early April 2010 for GBP300/EUR300…

(Via NaviGadget.)

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