Samsung HZ35W digital camera with GPS


Samsung HZ35W digital camera with GPS

Samsung just unveiled a new GPS packing digital camera called HZ35W. You can actually tell where the GPS receiver is. That little bump at the top right of the HZ35W is where they embedded the GPS receiver to make it easier for the camera to get a satellite fix. Actually there seems to be another model with GPS receiver called WB650 which is the European version of the same camera.

This Samsung digital camera has a powerful 15X zoom, a large 3″ AMOLED display, dual stabilization, 12MP shooting, and the ability to shoot high definition video; 720p at 30fps.

What can you do with the embedded GPS receiver? Well it is good for automatic geotagging of your images - and that’s about it probably. It will store the latitude and longitude and on the display it will tell you the city, country, etc. With its visual map it can tell you on a map where the picture was taken without having to connect to the internet.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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