HDS-5 Baja Off-Road GPS Chartplotter


HDS-5 Baja Off-Road GPS Chartplotter

Lowrance’s HDS-5 Baja GPS Off-Road Chartplotter may at first seem like a boat only marine GPS chartplotter but it actually serves dual purposes. At least we think so - since on their website it is listed under the automotive section.

Probably HDS-5 doesn’t freak out when you get off the main roads and start driving on unpaved territories. It has an enhanced basemap for the whole continent so maybe it has an option for letting you trace back to the main road.

HDS-5 Baja is specially designed for un-friendly environments so it is ruggedized and makes it suitable for off-roading vehicles. It also can be hooked up to a LGC-4000 external GPS antenna for better reception.

Lowrance HDS5 Baja GPS Chartplotter is on Amazon for $568; a bit pricey but it works both in your boat and your off-road vehicle.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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