garmin nuvi 1245 City Chic


garmin nuvi 1245 City Chic

It looks like Garmin is ready for Valentine’s Day in Europe. They just made available a new GPS navigation system for Western Europe. It goes by the nick name City Chic, but the actual product name is Garmin Nuvi 1245.

It has a stylish slim (25% thinner than other nuvi’s) red body, and also a really classy red leather case that could add some color to any women’s purse. With a name like City Chic Garmin must really be going after female customers.

As far as navigating through streets this nuvi 1245 is just like most other nuvi’s. It’s got text-to-speech, lane guidance, and even ecoRoute feature. The real difference is the pedestrian navigation option that comes with City Chic. What’s not cool is that the cityXplorer maps still cost $10 per city. What do you get once you get a city map? Well it pretty much lets you get around town and helps you out with public transit such as where to catch the bus, find the nearest subway or light rail station, estimated arrival times, and more.

Some other features include map of 22 European countries, over 2 million points of interests, preloaded speed limits, and a special interests POI database with over 10,000 itmes including things like shopping, nightlife and living well, fashion, decor, DIY, wine merchants and even organic supermarkets…

(Via NaviGadget.)

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