AG1 combines automotive and golf GPS


AG1 combines automotive and golf GPS

AG1 is a brand new GPS navigation system announced by Expresso today. It can be used as a regular car GPS navigation system to get turn by turn driving directions or as a golf range finder which includes more than 33000 courses around the world. In addition it includes a media player for your tunes and videos. We don’t know how much it will cost as ‘where to buy’ section of their website is still under construction.

AG1 has an automatic portrait and landscape function, 3.6″ TFT LCD touchscreen, battery that can last up to 10 - 12 hours, built in stereo speakers, and two SD card slots that allows up to 64GB of storage.

The car navigation system portion of AG1 is done via collaboration with NAVIGON while the golfing part of the device is integrated with help from iGolf.

There’s a lot more information on ExpressoGPS’ website.

Press release after the jump:

Expresso Satellite Navigation, Ltd. is excited to announce the release of the AG1, the world’s first portable navigation device featuring automotive and golf GPS in addition to a fully functional Portable Media Player.

Partnering with NAVIGON and iGolf, two well-established brands in the GPS marketplace, Expresso is proud to deliver the AG1 with an exciting array of cutting-edge features including: NAVIGON turn-byturn directions on the road, iGolf rangefinder, portable media player, wide Mobile HD touch screen, dual stereo speakers, automatic portrait and landscape switching, dual SD card slots, articulating screen, 533 MHz Samsung Processor, and 5-way mounting capabilities that will easily adapt to your needs.

‘With collaborations between multiple GPS industry-leaders along with thousands of hours spent in intensive R&D, Expresso is excited that the AG1 has created an entirely new category of portable navigation products,’ said Mike Aroney, Managing Director of Expresso Satellite Navigation, Ltd. ‘With a unique patented form factor that is truly portable coupled with the functionality of a golf rangefinder, an automotive GPS, and a portable media player all-in-one, our goal was to create a very light pocketsized device with numerous built-in mounting capabilities and a battery capacity of over 500 miles of navigation.’

Responsible for the automotive navigation portion of the device, NAVIGON has contributed their award winning easy to use GPS software, allowing for an unrivaled assortment of features combined with North America’s leading map database from NAVTEQ. In charge of the golf course rangefinder included in the Expresso AG1, iGolf is a pioneer in the golf GPS industry, with a database of more than 33,000 courses worldwide and gorgeous full color course displays that have been relied upon by golfers worldwide since 2003.

The unified vehicle mounting system incorporated into the AG1 eliminates the need for bulky accessories such as bean bag dash mounts and suction cup windshield mounts that can create unsightly blind spots. Feel comfortable knowing you can mount the AG1 safely in most vehicles and be on the road in less than 5 seconds, and you are legal in all 50 US states including California and Minnesota….

(Via NaviGadget.)

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