new GPS navigation systems from NAVIGON


new GPS navigation systems from NAVIGON

NAVIGON - at least in Spain - has put six new GPS navigators on the market, almost a complete overhaul of the range of the manufacturer.

Like other brands are already doing, new series 40 and 70 of Navigon adopt new names easier to remember and away from meaningless numbers and letters. So now the new Navigon GPS they are covered in three segments: Easy, Plus and Premium, to which they add two digits to give you an idea on the size of your screen.

Needless to say, the new Navigons with these easier names still focus on focus on providing navigation from one point to another in the simplest way. Navigon is also trying to do the same thing on smart phones with their MobileNavigator.

The GPS 40 series have a 4.3 inch screen, slightly larger than the more advanced phones. Its main features include text to speech, One Click menu with direct access to three points of interest you’ve marked as favorites, lane assistance, and reality view at big junctions.

The Premium Live 40 Navigon model adds Bluetooth hands-free function for use with up to two phones at the same time, and real-time information, including information about the status of public and private parking, weather, and traffic information.

As for series 70 models, the most striking is its 5-inch screen and faster processor, namely the 520MHz ARM11.

The Premium version includes extras such as a larger area of maps, the Active Lane Assistant, Bluetooth Handsfree Kit 2.0 and the Professional Voice Command 2.0 function, among others.

Easy Models 40 and 40 Plus have a cost of 150 and 180 Euros respectively, while the most complete of that range, 40 Premium Live, raises its price to 250 Euros. These models are already available in Spain. Later this summer we’ll start seeing Navigon 70 Series priced between 200 and 280 Euros…via

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