General Dynamics Itronix GD300


General Dynamics Itronix GD300

General Dynamics just announced Itronix’s GD300 rugged wearable computer based on the Android platform which provides GPS and situational awareness for the army.

GD300 is as light as commercial GPS receivers and allows you to refer to pre-loaded mission plans and access secure tactical networks while being worn on the arm- or chest. It only weighs less than 8 ounces and can interface with Rifleman Radio (AN/PRC-154) for secure access to the tactical networks. Its quadra-helix antenna helps it get a position fix in mountainous regions or urban environments.

GD300 can operate in two distinct modes:

  • stand-alone GPS device

  • tactical mission computer when connected to a tactical radio

It even supports military ‘apps’ like the Tactical Ground Reporting (TIGR) System which is currently in use by the military.

GD300 has up to eight hours of battery life when in continuous operation; powered by standard lithium-ion batteries. GD300 has a sunlight readable display, 3.5″ touch-screen display, and meets MIL-STD 810G specifications for ruggedness.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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