Go! Hiking GPS for outdoors


Go! Hiking GPS for outdoors

If you live in Spain, or somewhere near by there’s a new sports GPS for you called Go! Hiking. We don’t think going hiking is the only thing you can do with this since it comes bicycle mounts for example.

While cell phones are OK to use as a GPS when you cycle, you’ll quickly see that it drains the battery quite fast. You really should consider buying a dedicated GPS for the job. Called Go! Hiking this is a model from the Go! Zipy brand specializing in products designed for sports. Go! Hiking allows you to store up to 256 waypoints and keeps them in a GPX format - which is really nice if later want to see your tracks on your computer.

It only costs 60 Euros. And if you live in the States you can consider similar but even more capable GPS X GUIDER

(Via NaviGadget.)

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Jenny said...

This is a must have for people who loves hiking and camping. I think I need to get one for my hubby because he loves to hang out with friends in the woods. Cool, right? Thanks for mentioning this.