Cobra SL3 GPS radar detector


Cobra SL3 GPS radar detector


The new Cobra SL3 is a standalone GPS enabled radar detector that warns drivers about thousands of driving threats that include red lights, speed cameras and caution areas.

For the location of these threats Cobra SL3 relies on the AURA database, and uses various colored LEDs and beeps and tones to nag the driver about that speed camera on your way to work. It is smart enough to time the warning based on your speed so you always have enough time to react whether it is to slow down, cover your face, or eject from your seat.

The purchase will you rights to access the AURA database 24/7 so you can always get the latest locations stored on your Cobra SL3.

Another cool feature with this GPS enabled radar detector is that you can also add up to 1000 locations as a threat (such as common hideout place for cops) to ‘customize’ the SL3 to your needs.

Current introductory price for Cobra SL3 is $100. That’s less than the price of one single traffic citation.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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