iRiver NV Classic


iRiver NV Classic


We have mentioned the iRiver NV series here at Navigadget before. Just recently they came out with their latest model called iRiver NV Classic.

The NV Classic has a 7″ screen and comes with a 64 channel GPS receiver which powers the award winning Mappy 2008 GPS navigation software. It has internal 1.5 watts speakers, SiRF GRF3i + GPS chipset, ability to play various media formats in addition to DMB digital TV support. It supports SDHC cards so you can probably bring multiple DVD quality movies for long road trips.

Sorry it is only for Korea as usual. Make us want to move to the south end of their peninsula. iRiver NV Classic costs the equivalent of $250. Not a bad price… via

(Via NaviGadget.)

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