Mio Moov V500


Mio Moov V500


Mio Moov V500 has just been showcased at Computex 2009 in Taipei. Moov V series differ from S series with the addition of digital TV receptor. It still has the Spirit GPS navigation interface and offers pretty much the same set of features.

Mio Moov V500 has a 4.7″ screen, runs on a SiRFprima processor buzzing at 600MHz and even has a microSD card slot.

For extra POI content Moov V-series users can take advantage of the Google Map ‘Send-to-GPS’ service. Users can search for a business, a POI or an address in Google Maps and send the information directly to their devices for navigating. By clicking the ‘Send to’ link within the Google Map page, users can download the search results to MioMore Desktop 2, the software application for Mio GPS devices, to save it to ‘My Place’ for route planning or map viewing. MioMore Desktop 2 also allows users to download free geo-encoded photos from Flickr and then transfer them for navigation.


(Via NaviGadget.)

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09smithjame said...

Mio’s success of delivering popular PNDs with TV and entertainment capabilities, the new Moov V500 and V700 are the first of its kind to offer the perfect combination of professional navigation and rich digital TV content at an affordable price.

Mio Navman Spirit S500THF