Kapten screenless GPS navigation system


Kapten screenless GPS navigation system

Kapsys’s been here on Navigadget before. We’ve even talked about their GPS navigation system with no screen called Kapten.

It looks to be a really handy device letting you play your tunes, geotag locations, and even hook up with your smartphone via bluetooth - but what’s more is that it can even act as a GPS navigation system giving your turn by turn directions - how much you can get out of a navigation system without a screen is questionable though.

It is made by the French so it is sure be crowd favorite here in the U.S! You can pick it up from Amazon for a whopping $425 which I’m not willing to pay. If you get one of these however make sure you write up a short review for us so we can feature here on Navigadget.

Here are some more features:

  • Easy to use with voice commands and voice guidance

  • Use while walking on a bus or in a car

  • Built in MP3 player and FM receiver

  • Includes USB cable wall charger speaker and stereo headphones

  • BONUS Accessory pack with 10 hr spare battery car charger and carry case

(Via OhGizmo.)

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