Pro Tech offender tracking GPS ankle unit


Pro Tech offender tracking GPS ankle unit

Makers of offender tracking devices - Pro Tech - just got their latest Smart One Wearable MTD through FCC meaning soon you’ll be able to see this on your favorite offender’s ankle (??!). For obvious reasons this is a live tracking device which utilizes a sensitive, low power GPS receiver, as well as a GSM/GPRS module transmitting location information to the ‘base’.

This tracking device supports various rules such as exclusion and inclusion zones, schedules, etc, and they are all stored in the device. This makes it possible for the ankle unit to warn the offender about a possible violation even when there are no wireless signals.

Other features include communication via LED lights and vibration, soft key for offender acknowledgment, support for multiple tracking technologies including GPS, and an advanced motion sensor.

If you happen to wear one of these please let us know your thoughts on this GPS tracking device. Performance, sensitivity, battery life, etc…

(Via NaviGadget.)

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