Rightway Spotter, Tony Stewart Edition GPS


Rightway Spotter, Tony Stewart Edition GPS

We’ve already talked about their Dale Earnhardt version of their GPS navigation system. This time people at Transplant just announced Tony Stewart Edition featuring NASCAR Sprint Cup series driver.

There’s isn’t much creativity here. It’s just a good old GPS navigation system bringing CoPilot’s navigation engine together with some NASCAR licensing to make product appeal to some motorsport fans - not that there’s anything wrong with that.

With this SPOTTER you can either be the Office Depot or Old Spice car, and have Tony’s voice guide to your destination.

Here are some more features:

  • CoPilot ClearTurn™ & Lane Assist for navigating complex interchanges on major highways

  • Turn-by-turn full street name voice guidance (not available in Tony Stewart’s voice)

  • Automatic route calculation and re-calculation

  • Clear 2D, 3D & Driver Safety map views

  • English, French, Spanish language options

  • Automatic day/night mode

  • Destination entry by zip code, city, street or intersection

  • Multi-stop planning with route optimization

It is going to sell for $180 and you can pick it up from here.

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