maylong’s GPS navigation for dummies still around


maylong’s GPS navigation for dummies still around


We talked about this ‘GPS Navigation for Dummies’ guys couple years ago. Surprisingly enough they’re still in the market with a lot more new models. The devices are from Maylong who has bought the naming rights for ‘for Dummies’ from Wiley Publishing. Their models include FD-220, FD-250, FD-350, FD-420, FD-430, and FD-435. The highest end of all these GPS navigation systems - as you may have already guessed - is the FD-435.

Features and specs of FD-435 include 4.3″ wide touchscreen, text-to-speech, bluetooth interface for pairing up with compatible phones, FM transmitter for using your car’s built-in speakers, maps of USA, Canada, and Canada, 4 million POIs, and media player…

FD-435 costs $207…

(Via NaviGadget.)

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