TomTom XL 340


TomTom XL 340


Also announced just today from TomTom was TomTom XL 340 and TomTom XL 340S. Just like the TomTom ONE 140 we mentioned earlier, the two new 340 models will also include the IQ Routes and Advanced Lane Guidance feature. These two features used to be exclusive to higher end models but now they’re standard on the mid-range sat nav devices.

The two new models have a 4.3″ touch screen, come with maps of North America and Mexico, 7 million points of interests, and come with the award winning EasyPort mount.

The only difference between TomTom XL 340 and TomTom XL 340S is that ‘S’ speaks street names, and of course the price. 340 and 340S will cost $230 and $250 respectively - both available in USA and Canada starting this month.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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