TomTom ONE 140


TomTom ONE 140


TomTom ONE 140 and TomTom ONE 140S are the two new editions to company’s entry level GPS navigation system lineup. They will be available in retailers this month for $180 for TomTom ONE 140 and $200 for TomTom ONE 140S. The only difference between 140 and 140S is that the latter also has text-to-speech feature, meaning it can pronounce street names - which in our opinion is well worth an extra $20.

What’s new with these models is that the IQ Routes and Advanced Lane Guidance features that were only available on the high-end GO series is now standard.

Here is what those features really mean:

IQ Routes: incorporates historical speed profile data for both day of week and time of day to calculate the fastest route available based on when the user is actually driving to their destination; takes into account the real-world factors that influence the speed that drivers can actually expect to travel en route to their destination, such as historical traffic patterns, traffic lights, rotaries, school bus routes, and steeply-sloped roads.

Advanced Lane Guidance:
realistic representations of complex highway junctions and lane-specific visual directions.

Oh, and before we forget, TomTom ONE 140 series now include maps of Mexico; of course in addition to maps of North America (North America is just USA and Canada as far as map makers are concerned)

(Via Gizmodo GPS.)

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Pooja said...

The TomTom One 140 S has many good features. Newly added Text-to-speech feature is the unique feature.It is available from $149.95 - $199.99. The design is very decent. It is a light weight device.The advanced lane guidance is also a unique feature.TomTom Home software also gives benefit of downloading updates, back up data, plan routes etc. For more details refer TomTom One 140 S