AlerteGPS G520 with over-the-air updates


AlerteGPS G520 with over-the-air updates


French brand AlerteGPS just announced their latest speed camera warning system G520 which supports a SIM card for automatic over-the-air database updates.

Like G220 and G320, G520 has a 1.8″ OLED screen with 240x160 pixels resolution and the ability to support 262K colors. G520 can also work with a battery and can work on bikes as well.

The G520 can accommodate optional service RTA (Real Time Alert) that allows you to be informed of the presence of mobile radars in real time. This is where the users come in. They could either be using the AlerteGPS G520 or GPS-equipped cell phone with Winkango software. We’re not sure about the details but the information from the users is then passed on to the servers and then transmitted to G520 over the air.

G520 currently sells for 249 € and it comes with 3 years of automatic updates for the radar database which is done at least once a month. After the first 3 years udpate will cost 10 € per year…

(Via NaviGadget.)

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