Exitpoint Sonar-based Dive Navigation System


Exitpoint Sonar-based Dive Navigation System

Exitpoint Sonar-based Dive Navigation System

If your interest happens to be underwater, the Exitpoint sonar-based dive navigation and early warning system was specially designed to reduce incidences of divers ending up separated while assisting inexperienced divers to go through unfamiliar and challenging environments without running into trouble. Divers will be able to access real-time information as well as the location of their dive buddy(ies), supervisor and boat in a jiffy. The inclusion of a proximity warning also alerts divers who might accidentally swim out of range. What makes Exitpoint different is its ability to function even in adverse conditions such as strong currents and low visibility. It will come in titanium or gun metal finish with stainless steel accents, and hopefully this is one concept that will see action on the production line soon.

(Via UberGizmo, the Gadgets News Blog.)

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Shanon said...

Hi there,
We’ve noticed this product concept from the 2009 Australian Design Award-James Dyson Award has caught your interest and we wanted to say thank you for the write up.
Just to give you a quick update, this project is now one of thirteen Australian product concepts that have made it through into the global James Dyson Award- a competition that spans 21 countries to identify the best young inventors from around the world. From 16 June – 12 July 2009, your readers can vote for this project or another entry in the James Dyson Award on www.jamesdysonaward.org. FYI- From each country, the project which receives the most votes will get an automatic entry as a shortlist and the chance to win the grand prize of £10,000 for themselves and another £10,000 for their university!

cdrkeen said...

when and where will it be available for purchase. If it works like described it's awesome and should be made mandatory for all divers like the dive computer. So easy to lose your buddy when the vis is bad...