Vexia Econav GPS navigation system


Vexia Econav GPS navigation system


British Vexia just announced environmentally friendly GPS navigation systems that will help you save money and protect the environment with its software that tells you the optimal way to drive. All you have to do is enter your car type, fuel type and occupancy level, and the system will direct your to a route that is easiest on your wallet and mother nature. Vexia Econav can even advise you on which gear to use, and their accelerator pedal indicator will comment on the weight of your right foot.


the first ecological GPS in the world, it will help you to cut carbon emissions by up to 30%. In fact, Econav will not just make your life easier, but will pay for itself in the first six months of use.

Currently they offer these four models:

  • Vexia Econav 350 Regional maps £159.99

  • Vexia Econav 350 European maps £189.99

  • Vexia Econav 430 Regional maps £199.99

  • Vexia Econav 430 European maps £229.99

(Via NaviGadget.)