HKC Mopad 8E


HKC Mopad 8E


What we’re looking at here is the new HKC Mopad 8E. It looks a like sexy device with attractive curves that remind us of another highly popular device :)

Mopad 8E specializes with its ability to receive digital TV channels (DVB-H). But that’s not why we’re talking abou it here at Navigadget. HKC Mopad 8E also integrates an GPS receiver for navigation - but like most other device from far east we don’t have any clue about the software that works with this GPS receiver.

We do know all the other specs though:

  • 3.2″ touch screen

  • 8GB memory

  • 624MHz CPU

  • 1150mAh battery

  • 128MB RAM

  • 3MP camera

Oh, and that button like thing near the bottom between the green and red keys is a fingerprint scanner.>

(Via NaviGadget.)

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