Bob Dylan: Voice Behind Your Next GPS System?


Bob Dylan: Voice Behind Your Next GPS System?

BobDylanNavigation.jpgBob Dylan, the musical voice of his generation, could the voice of your next car navigation system or portable navigation device (PND). He said so himself this week on his BBC satellite radio program, that he's negotiating with two automakers to be the voice behind their navigation systems. Take that, James Earl Jones. Dylan certainly has enough lyrics to his credit that, with several decades hindsight, foreshadowed the GPS revolution: 'how many roads,' 'no direction home,' and 'there must be someway out of here.' (Be sure to post any we forgot below in feedback.)

Worried that Bob Dylan's sellling out? Not to worry. If it happened, it was long before the navigation opportunity. As the Washington Post noted,'he's done commercial work for Cadillac, Pepsi, and Victoria's Secret. In a 2007 commercial for the Cadillac Escalade, Dylan asked, 'What's life without the occasional detour?'

(Via Gearlog.)

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