TomTom for iPhone + car kit


TomTom for iPhone + car kit


Interwebs on the other side of Atlantic are talking about TomTom’s iPhone GPS navigation app and the kit that you should get (but optional) with it. It looks like an online seller is already offering both the app and the car kit (not yet in stock) for a total of £113.85 which equals to about $193.

So - what do you think about this price? We want to know. No monthly fees. Just about $200 which will get you a car charger, ability to stream music to your car stereo, etc.. in addition to the GPS navigation system.

By the way we have some more details on this car kit:

  • 1. ‘EasyPort’ mount - same one from TomTom ONE and XL

  • 2. Speaker for the voice directions and the hand-free calls + external GPS receiver

  • 3. Volume control

  • 4. Microphone for hand-free calls

  • 5. USB connector

  • 6. audio jack to use your car’s audio

Oh, and it will work on iPod Touch we hear.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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