Samsung CL65 - GPS enabled digital camera


Samsung CL65 – GPS enabled digital camera


Samsung CL65 is one of the latest high-end point and shoot cameras from the company. CL65 has WiFi and GPS. Need we say more? Seriously. WiFi and GPS on your digital camera.

Snap a photo, automatically geo-tag it with where in the world you took the photo, and instantly share it with others. With access to a free Wi-Fi hotspot, you can email an image directly from the camera using the touch-screen QWERTY keyboard or upload it directly to a number of popular photo-sharing and social networking Web sites.

Some of the other features/specs of CL65 include 12.2MP CCD and a high-quality 35mm Schneider‑KREUZNACH with a powerful internal 5x optical zoom - kind of unexpected from a camera with such a slim form factor. CL65 can record 720p HD video at 30 frames-per-second in H.264 format and provides HDMI connectivity for your giant TV at home or any other HD monitor.

The CL65 utilizes GPS technology to automatically geo-tag digital images, recording the latitude and longitude of where in the world each photo is taken. The location data is automatically embedded into each image’s EXIF file. Photo-sharing websites such as PicasaTM provide options for sharing one’s images on a map of the world and can utilize the information stored in the image’s EXIF file to pinpoint where the photo was taken.

The CL65 will display the name of the city on the camera’s LCD screen, providing users with a display of the location where they’re taking a photo, as well as a handy reference for when they are reviewing images on the camera’s LCD screen.

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