GPS Mirror now in the U.S.


GPS Mirror now in the U.S.


You know how much we’re into the GPSMirror thing we’ve been seing all over the internets. Well it looks like a few online stores are offering the Cheetah GPS mirror in the U.S. of A. including Amazon - for as low as $252.

Not a bad price considering it acts as a speed and red light camera warning system too. Question that comes to mind is of course how to get power to this thing. Obviously you wouldn’t want to run a cable to from your lighter up to your rear view mirror. That question is not answered on Amazon or but their product page offers this little snippet:


Cheetah’s elegant design leaves your dashboard and windscreen clutter free and its discreet nature makes it almost unnoticeable from outside the vehicle…

Looks like some professional installation maybe required - but it would worth it.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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