hack your Nokia N95 for better GPS reception


hack your Nokia N95 for better GPS reception


Do you have problems with your GPS reception on your Nokia N95? How about some soldering skills? If you’re brave enough you can open your N95 and remove the default GPS antenna and instead stick in an 8″ speaker wire in there and wrap all over your N95 before closing it back up. You should follows the instructions and read comments here though.

The poster of this hack claims you can get a satellite lock in 5 - 10 seconds - even indoors. However doesn’t share if this is after a cold - or a warm - or a hot start.

Give it a shot - why don’t you?

(Via NaviGadget.)

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Paul said...

It works! Be careful when wrapping the wire around the phone or you might not get your cover back on. Also, try using clear tape to insulate some parts and stick the wire down, worked for me. Also, I just carefully wrapped the wire around the gold "Y" shape connector rather than soldering anything. I got the same satellite results indoors after turning the phone on.

Good post! Helped me heaps!

Sheen said...

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gogoe said...

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