Humminbird 997c SI


Humminbird 997c SI

A while ago we had talked about Humminbird 997c. That was 2007. Today we have a more advanced version of it called Humminbird 997c SI. Humminbird 997c SI - to be exact - is actually a Combo NVB Color Fish Finder and GPS Chartplotter, pre-loaded with Navionics Gold and Hotmaps.

What you do is put this marine GPS chartplotter in your boat (you’ve got one right?) and with its side-imaging sonar it will give you a clear image of your whereabouts and the surrounding fish with 180 degree coverage to 360 feet on either side, and 150 feet down. In addition it has DualBeam PLUS sonar which can reach 1500 feet and even provide wider coverage. Of course Humminbird 997c SI has an external GPS receiver and comes with built-in UniMap of USA lakes, rivers, and shores.

Some hardware specs of 997c SI are the 8″ TFT LCD screen with 800x480 resolution, SD card slot for chart recording, adjustable backlight, dual CPU and a separate graphics co-processor, and more.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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