Pikavu GPS child tracker


Pikavu GPS child tracker


Possibly made by the same people who brought you GPS tracking for Alzheimer patients - Pikavu is a GPS child tracking system which consists of a base station and a quite stylish wrist watch.

The GPS wrist watch is water resistant and impact resistant and comes with a safety lock so it can’t be removed by the child. It has an alert button which when pressed for 5 seconds sets off an alarm in the base station.

To get a GPS lock faster Pikavu uses four systems. SBAS-GPS, indoorVision, VisionCellid, and T-GSM. Apparently it can even work where no GPS signals are available by using an alternate tracking system.

The wrist watch of the Pikavu child GPS tracking system weighs only 36 grams, and comes in two colors. The battery can last up to 3.5 days but with the power saving mode you can squeeze maybe 4.5 days out of it.

The base station has a 4.2″ touch screen, and have an easy to use graphical user interface. It comes with maps of the world, that are downloaded automatically when the child is located. It works with rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and charger is included in the pack.

How much? 990 freaking Euros…

(Via Xataka.)

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Sheen said...

Aren't there at least half a dozen alternatives with web based mapping already out there that cost like 1/10th of this? What a rip off.
Mio Navman Spirit V505