Coyote Mini v2 GPS radar detector


Coyote Mini v2 GPS radar detector


As you know there a lot of GPS radar detectors out there. And if you live in Europe we really advise you getting a radar detector since that continent is filled with speed cameras, red light cameras, and the usual cop with a radar gun.

Coyote is a big name in France for GPS radar detectors and they just came out with a new model called the Coyote Mini v2. This new version from the Coyote Mini series offer a screen that is twice as big as its predecessor. It has audible and visual alerts, can be configured without a PC or the internet, displays speed limits, and even real time traffic updates.

Coyote also has a community based web site where users can mark police hideout areas and participant has a confidence score based on their history.

Coyote Mini v2 promises no false alerts, highly configurable distances for highway and city, and reliable speed limits.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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