Vexia EcoNav 380 and Vexia EcoNav 380


Vexia EcoNav 380 and Vexia EcoNav 380


Vexia has unveiled its new range of GPS navigators, the Vexia Econav Series 80 which we noticed became sleeker but luckily kept all the features that you’d expect from other higher end models in the GPS navigation market.

Vexia Econav x80 series brings new features at the hardware and the software level, and is comprised of top two models, the Econav Vexia 480 and 380.

Although the design is almost like the early versions, the Vexia Econav Series 80 can claim to be more stylish. Lighter (154 grams) and slimmer are the developments in the external appearance.

Model 480 comes with 2GB internal memory, microSD expansion slot and 500-MHz processor dual core for handling data received from the Sirf Atlas IV GPS receiver chip. The screen on this model is 4.3 inches with 480x272 pixels resolution, which includes a light sensor as a method for energy saving. Therefore you can expect a battery life of four hours with the EcoNav 480.

The base model of the series is the Vexia 380, which only differs from 480 in screen size, which in this case is 3.5 inches and has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Memory, processor and GPS chip are identical, and the battery as well.

In addition to the typical functions of GPS navigators, such as the useful lane assistance, realistic road signs, text-to-speech, etc, the Vexia Econav series also incorporates fuel saving features.

These two navigators from the 80 series utilize a Penalty Point system that gives the driver real-time information on the amount of points lost by exceeding the speed limit, even where there is no radar.

Another interesting feature is the eco-front passenger, which is responsible for helping to drive more efficiently depending on the type of car you have and we run the roads. It will even indicate when is the ideal time to change gear.

And when you’re ready Econav Report allows the user to analyze the evolution of fuel savings you get by day, week, fortnight and year.

New GPS navigators Vexia Econav Series 80 are priced at EUR 160 and 190 EcoNav 380 (depending on the type of maps; only Spain or Western Europe) and 200 and 230 euro for Econav 480…

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That's sounds really cool. But I think prize is little high. But for good thing we have to pay so that's ok..
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