Nissan GPS navigation system


Nissan GPS navigation system


Nissan is going to offer factory installed GPS navigation systems in their vehicles for a reasonable price. As you know GPS navigation is an add-on for most other car makers that usually tag about $2000 to the price of the vehicle. Since you can get a more capable portable GPS navigation system for less than $300 the navigation package always looked like a rip-off.

The GPS navigation system from Nissan on the other hand will only add an extra $400 to the price of the vehicle. The system is co-developed with Bosch and has a ‘more than enough’ 5″ touch screen, bluetooth connectivity, USB compatibility for your external music players, iPod support, and XM satellite and XM Traffic support. Not high end enough for you? How about if we said Nissan’s GPS navigation system also support hook up to a back up camera? Oh yeah. This is a good deal and you know it.

You’ll have to wait until January of next year to see this in your Nissan…

(Via NaviGadget.)

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