GPS safety cell phone


GPS safety cell phone


A company called Clayton Communications just came out with a GPS safety cell phone called ActiveONE. It is a very small GPS device with basic cell phone features and the ability to speed dial four people when you feel you’re in danger.

Active ONE also has a center SOS button which will immediately connect to a US-based 24/7 personal assistance call center. They claim this is better than calling 911 since the personnel already knows who is calling and may already know what kind of assistance you may need - in addition to your location of course.

One other neat feature is to let other family members figure out your location by calling the same call center.

It is mostly designed for the elderly who may have Alzheimer’s or some sort of dementia issues - but there’s no reason for others not to use it. If you’re giving to a very young kid - you better turn off the built-in fall detector though.

Check out their pricing and rates here.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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steve said...

Now almost cellphone has a GPS technology..So people can assume the road of the unknown country..
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Sheen said...

I think mobiles with this basic features are very much useful for patients with mental illness,students and old aged people.I would surely get this for my kid so that I can eye him.
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