new Garmin GPSmap chartplotters


new Garmin GPSmap chartplotters


We’ve talked about Garmin’s GPSmap series here on Navigadget but just today they came out with a bunch of new models including this one pictured above - the GPSmap 7215.

Their new series of chartplotters are the GPSmap 6000 and GPSmap 7000 which include the new Garmin G Motion technology that promises to smooth map panning, and zooming with super fast updates. Unlike most other devices out there when it comes to marine GPS devices it is sometimes really important to have a really really dim backlight - and all the new models in these series boast a display that can dim down to 0.5 nits.

The new models are:

  • GPSMAP 7015: touchscreen, 15″, basemap only

  • GPSMAP 7215: touchscreen, 15″, U.S. coastal charts and more

  • GPSMAP 7012: touchscreen, 12″, basemap only

  • GPSMAP 7212: touchscreen, 12″, U.S. coastal charts and more

  • GPSMAP 6012: soft key interface, 12″, basemap only

  • GPSMAP 6212: soft key interface, 12″, U.S. coastal charts and more

  • GPSMAP 6008: soft key interface, 8″, basemap only

  • GPSMAP 6208: soft key interface, 8″, U.S. coastal charts and more

Youll have to wait until February 2010 to get one of these MFD chartplotters. Expect to pay more than $3000…

(Via NaviGadget.)

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