Mio Hammer V700


Mio Hammer V700


Mio Technology has developed a new GPS navigation system called Mio Hammer V700. It will be available starting on the 12th of this month and comes with the longest windshield mount we’ve ever seen so you won’t have to stretch too far.

Mio Hammer V700 has a 7″ screen, a stylish high quality black frame that only measures 16mm thick.

The giant 7″ display can provide 800x480 pixel resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio and can play various multimedia content such as audio and video. It has a GPS receiver that can track 64 satellites at once and can get traffic updates with the TPEG receiver.

4GB version will cost 329,000KRW ($285), and the 12GB version (4GB + 8GB external) will go for 359,000 KRW($310). Yeah, sorry. We don’t think this is coming to U.S. anytime soon.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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Adabelle said...

The latest device from Mio is V700 and it has 7" display and it has
an ability to track up to 64 satellites simultaneously while
receiving traffic updates via its
TPEG receiver.
Mio Navman Spirit S500T