iPod touch gets GPS navigation for first time


iPod touch gets GPS navigation for first time

gfiipodtouchOne of the big reasons many users of the first generation iPhone upgraded to the iPhone 3G and then the 3GS was to get GPS capability. The problem for those that use the first generation iPhone or the iPod touch is that the devices lack a GPS receiver.

A new software and hardware system has been unveiled called G-Fi with Navmii software that allows turn-by-turn navigation on the iPod touch and the original iPhone. The hardware portion is called the G-Fi and is a device that acts sort of like a router and can support up to 200 Apple devices in range.

The hardware device is a onetime charge item selling for $99. The required Navmii software is available for $39.99. There are no monthly fees with the system and both pieces are available now.

(Via SlipperyBrick.com.)

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