PhotoTrackr Mini DPL900


PhotoTrackr Mini DPL900


If you’re into goetagging you’ll remember that more than a year ago we mentioned Gisteq’s PhotoTrackr. Just last week they announced a new version of the device called PhotoTrackr Mini DPL900.

The new one is smaller, cheaper, and more compatible. It doesn’t really ‘hook up’ to your camera - you just sync the clock on your camera and then take the PhotoTrackr with you. PhotoTrackr Mini DPL900 can last up to 17 hours in continuous mode and it can track 65 satellites at once. The GPS chipset is from Skytraq which can provide tracking with signals as weak as -160dBm.

It can store up to 250000 records in its tiny 2MB storage space and the software that comes with it works with PCs and Macs.

It costs $69 and will start shipping in November.

(Via Prweb.)

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