Navteq’s new 3D intersections


Navteq’s new 3D intersections


One of the biggest digital map makers - Navteq - now has most complex freeway intersections rendered in 3D, and is ready to sell the new feature to manufacturers of GPS navigation systems.

The 3D world they have created comes pretty close to what the driver would see out the windshield including complete road signs, over passes, and other things.

The idea is to help the drivers out as much as possible specially at unfamiliar stacks of roads where the lane you’re on becomes very important.

In the U.S. they have 3D’ed 2000 of these intersections, and a total of 8000 around the world.

Currently no GPS navigation system has access to this data yet but we’re sure they’re trying to rush this out the door as they now need to compete with Google Navigation

(Via NaviGadget.)

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