iNAVI KE100 GPS navigation system


iNAVI KE100 GPS navigation system

Oh, so shiny. We really love iNAVI. We might as well move our office to Korea just so we can use their GPS navigation systems. Just look through our other iNAVI posts and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Anyhow, this latest one from Thinkware is called iNAVI KE100 and is coming out in Korea on March 22nd.

Very impressive hardware specs on the iNAVI KE100: 900Mhz CPU, SiRF Instant Fix GPS receiver, integrated multi-sensor that has a G-Sensor and an L-Sensor, DMB receiver, and multimedia support - on a big 7″ high resolution LCD screen.

The device is equipped with upgraded 3D maps called iNAVI Real 3D which can show surrounding buildings, terrain, and even more.

It will cost 409,000KRW ($360) for the 8GB model…

(Via NaviGadget.)

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筱婷 said...

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Lllaci said...

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