two new colors for Garmin Edge 500


two new colors for Garmin Edge 500

Garmin just announced two new color schemes for their Garmin Edge 500 devices - a highly popular device among pro cyclists. The two new colors are called argyle Edge 500 and the neutral Edge 500, both of which will be officially launched at the Tour of California, this coming mid-May.

Garmin Edge 500 first came out last September and has been selling for around $350. Some of the features of the Edge 500 includes ANT+ wireless, tracking things like speed, distance, time, elevation, and even calories. Since elevation data from the GPS signals isn’t all that accurate Garmin Edge 500 actually uses an barometric altimeter.

Garmin Edge also pairs wirelessly with Garmin speed/cadence sensors and features advanced heart rate-based calorie computation when used with a Garmin heart rate monitor. Edge 500 also displays temperature readings, changes time zones automatically and alerts riders if they’re moving but the timer is not running. With up to 18 hours of battery life, Edge 500 features a low-profile, quarter-turn mount that fits easily on the stem or handlebars. The new argyle Edge 500 is packaged with Garmin’s premium soft-strap heart rate monitor, speed/cadence sensor, bike mount, AC charger and USB cable. The neutral Edge 500 comes with the bike mount, AC charger and USB cable, and it can be paired with the other optional accessories when purchased separately to best suit each specific cyclist’s needs.

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