Sony NV-U35 GPS navigation system


Sony NV-U35 GPS navigation system

We haven’t heard much about the Sony NV (or Nav-U, whatever you want to call it) series lately. Well, Sony just came out with a multipurpose GPS navigation system called NV-U35 that is designed to be used in automobiles, on bicycles, or just on foot.

What makes Sony NV-U35 different than most other sat nav systems out there is that it has a direction recorder and is IPX5 water resistant. It does also include a digital compass.

Some other features of the new NV-U35 include the 3.5″ QVGA touch screen, 8GB of internal storage that can be used for various multimedia formats including support for audio, video, and still images…

It will be coming out in Japan mid March.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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methala said...

I want one GPS system which can be also use in automobiles, on bicycles, or just on foot. So my friend suggest Sony NV-U35 GPS navigation system. So this post give me more detail about this GPS system. One feature I like is GB of internal storage. Thanks for sharing this post.

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