WiBro UTX Wings UT300


WiBro UTX Wings UT300

South Koreans always love a GPS navigation system packed with bunch of other features so their latest from UTX is no exception. Called Wings UT300 this device is a portable car entertainment system.

It has a 7″, sunlight readable, 800x480 wide TFT color LCD display, mini USB, and USB ports, video input for a rear camera, and an SD card slot.

In the box, the UTX Wings UT300 comes with a USB WiBro antenna so you can browse the internet, checkout live traffic cameras at blazing wireless speeds.

By they way, WiBro is a technology developed by South Korean telecom industry and it simply stands for Wireless Broadband. It is pretty much equivalent to IEEE 802.16e.

But that’s not all. Thanks to a separate DMB antenna you can also catch your favorite digitally broadcast TV channels on the go - though we do recommend you keep your eyes on the road.

It would be really cool if this would make to USA ten years from now because then we could really have the infrastructure to support such a device.

(Via Pempi.)

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