Mio S400


Mio S400

Mio has a brand new GPS navigation system out in Korea called Mio S400. Mio S400 is a dual purpose sat nav device that can be both used inside a vehicle or on a bike/motorcycle.

It will come out tomorrow in Korea to be exact and will be sold for 139000 KRW ($122). The device measures only 18mm in thickness, weighs 147.5 grams. The battery is good for about 2.5 hours and it looks like it won the iF Design Award China with its stylish black/silver frame.

Some other specs include the 20 channel GPS receiver, Windows CE 5.8 which allows for watching of movies or playing games as well as the more important office viewer. It can also accept external memory cards up to 16GB.

Will it come to this side of the world we don’t know yet…

(Via NaviGadget.)

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methala said...

The Mio S400 will be powered by the Windows CE operating system, Moreover Mio S400 have a 16GB external memory which is very good features. The worse thing for me is very expensive.

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Jenny said...

Definitely a winner in its kind. The Mio S400 can be used inside a vehicle or on a bike, and only weighs close to 150 grams. Its battery life can last up to 2.5 hours and comes wth a slot for SD memory cards of 16GB. Very nice indeed!

Jenny said...

It's really worth paying the price for this Mio S400. I'm giving one to my dear friend as a Christmas gift.
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Jenny said...

Cute yet very economical and user friendly that how I usually describe my Mio S400. My friend is getting one too. World Cup Shirts